Best Korean Foods to Try in Seoul

korean foods

I miss Seoul! And, definitely miss these top Korean foods..

I am definitely feeling the “Seoul hangover” vibe. If only it is easy to book the next plane ticket available to go to Seoul – I’d do that in a heartbeat. And, to be honest, I’d go anywhere to take a mini break these days, too!
Shopping aside, Korean food is one of the things I enjoyed while we were in Seoul. Kimchi is a normal side dish I often stuff my face with, which I have grown to love a lot more during the trip! So, just imagine I have probably tried all sorts of variants (and shapes!) of this famous Korean side-dish.

korean foods
Just a sneak peek of what you’ll get!

I hope you are not hungry while reading my post. Because I intend to take you to a quick food trip showcasing the food I ate while in Seoul! Of course, I had other items such as fried chicken, ice cream, and grilled cheese but forgot to take photos of those. Maybe next time I visit Seoul?

Freshly squeezed juice (pomegranate)

korean foods

Freshly squeezed juice stands are quite common. But what makes these fruit juice stalls stand out is definitely the packaging! I often see these stalls in the streets of MyeongDong (where the street food stalls are) and love to see how they squeeze the juice out from the fruit. There was an orange juice stall but I went for this pomegranate drink. It was a great choice as I usually find it hard to find the freshly squeezed version from it – even in groceries!

Hot and Spicy Soup

korean foods

This was the first street food I ate in MyeongDong. I initially thought those were innards so I quickly bought one. Well, it wasn’t innards – I think those were tofu and/or fish cake. Despite my slight disappointment – I TOTALLY LOVE THE SOUP! Even if it was a hot day, the hot and spicy soup was so tasty and comforting. Just the right balance of sour and spice to make a tingling sensation in my mouth.

Crispy Crablets

korean foods

Another MyeongDong street food grub (you can literally figure out how often I’ve been to MyeongDong, LOL!). I love the light batter and I was right to choose the sweet and spicy sauce. Too bad, some of the crablets were no longer crispy – it was a bit difficult to munch on it.

“Watermelon” popsicles

korean foods

Okay, there’s a side story to this. I approached this stand in a dilemma whether to get the frozen mango or the watermelon popsies. It was a very hot day in Insadong and I wanted something easy-to-eat and cool myself. In the end, I chose the watermelon popsies because I was intrigued what the “seeds” were. I don’t mean to be a spoiler but there’s nothing watermelon about the popsicle! The green part is kiwi, the white part tasted like yogurt, the red part was strawberry (or artificial berry) and the seeds? They were chocolate chips!

Beef Ribs

korean foods
Super duper tender beef ribs!

I met up with a friend who happened to be in Seoul at the same time we did for dinner. And for that meal, we went to this place famous for beef ribs. I think we over-ordered because the beef ribs were MASSIVE! But boy, those beef ribs were super tender! It literally falls off the bone. And even if it didn’t have much sauce – the flavour is totally infused in the beef. Yum!

Hot Stone Bibimbap

korean foods
Melty cheesy, spicy, sizzling goodness!

This is my go-to order if I don’t see anything “interesting” from the menu. I love bibimbap but eating it from a sizzling, hot stone amplifies the appeal (for me). I definitely enjoyed this version because it is generously topped with grated cheese. So just imagine – spicy bulgogi served on a sizzling hot stone bowl with melty cheese. Ooh, so much goodness – as long as I don’t burn myself!


korean foods

We were lucky we ended up in a small-time restaurant nearby Hotel PJ Myeongdong serving this dish. And, double lucky – the person who attended to us knew a bit of English, too! It may be just a typical “pork belly” for you – but the side dish and dipping sauce makes it a very tasty meal!

Beef Tendon Soup

korean foods
I’ll admit this wasn’t the first choice when I got this dish but was lucky enough to have this as my second option! The tendons were very tender! The broth was a bit bland but I think it was meant to be like that. The woman serving it motioned to add some rock salt granules to my soup. I think it was a balanced meal in addition to the spicy kimchi on the side!


korean foods
I would’ve wanted to eat more of this popular Korean dessert/snack if we were not so full after a HUGE meal every-single-time! I love the super fine shaved ice and creamy milky sauce of this fruit-based treat.

Tosokchon Samgyetang

korean foods
I was unaware of this Korean dish prior the trip and we’re lucky our fantastic Airbnb host introduced this dish (and restaurant) to us. Most of my Facebook friends were wary of the “looks” because the chicken is black. But to be honest, it tasted similar to the “normal” chicken we have! Plus the ginseng broth is super yummy, too!

Korean BBQ (Sirloin)

korean foods
And of course, Korean BBQ! I actually feared we will never have Korean BBQ while in Seoul because of the language barrier. So, I was so glad we finally did when we visited Lotte Mall in Dongdaemun. And I don’t think this piece of marbled meat needs any introduction, yes?

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