Kid-friendly places (we tried) in Seoul!

kid friendly seoul

I’m back!!! And here are some kid-friendly places we visited in Seoul for ya!

I am still in vacation mode. Who can blame me? It was a much-awaited trip after a year of travel hiatus. Not to mention we spent 2 weeks in a new city – Seoul!

As much as I enjoyed the trip, I must admit there were some things I can rant about in Seoul (well, I think that deserved a separate post). But let’s not focus on the negatives for now, shall we? I want to start this Seoul series on a lighter note – positives for parents traveling with a small child in Seoul!
One of the things I love about Seoul is the number of kid-friendly places to visit. And for this post, let me share with you some of the places we personally visited with our son in mind! And based on my son’s epic tantrums whenever we told him it’s time to go – I think he had a blast in these places! LOL!

Tayo Little Bus Café

kid friendly seoul
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My son LOVES Tayo! We discovered this lovable animated character purely by accident while trying to search for kid-friendly videos on Youtube. And ever since he saw it – he’s hooked!
Prior our trip, I already researched for Tayo-themed play cafes in Seoul. I stumbled upon this website but unfortunately, the branch addresses were all in Korean! Lucky for me, I have a friend who can read and speak in Korean – so I asked her to look for play café branches near our Airbnb apartment.
On our trip, we went to the Lotte Gangnam Shopping center branch. It was a tiny play café but was enough to make my son really happy. In fact, he wouldn’t stop asking us to “go back to Tayo” ever since he went there!


kid friendly seoul
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Everland is a popular choice for tourists to go when in Seoul. It is Seoul’s version of Disneyland and let’s just say, a day is not enough to make the most out of it! The place is huge with lots of interesting areas to check out suitable to visitors of varying ages!
During our visit, we were lucky to have been able to go to Zootopia and European Adventure. I intentionally said “we were lucky” especially having a toddler who kept stopping by at every cartoon character he saw!
We also had a chance to watch a show (seal water performances) while in Zootopia. Unfortunately, the performance was in Korean but I think my son didn’t mind as he clapped whenever the audience did!

Children’s Folk Museum

kid friendly seoul
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This place is seriously underrated! I am quite disappointed it took me a few more nagging to my husband so we can visit this place. He was worried there’s nothing to see or boring since it was a museum! But as you can see, my son had loads of fun. After our first visit, we planned to drop by a second time since it was just a 30-minute walk from our Airbnb apartment but Seoul is just too big, there was no chance to return. Sigh.
Entrance is free. So I recommend you not to commit the same mistake as we did – visit this place!

Lotte World

kid friendly seoul
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Lotte is a chain of department stores in Korea. And I think most of us would relate to it from the various products (mostly sweets) from this popular brand.
Apart from Everland, Lotte World is another popular theme park in Seoul. One main convenience of this theme park is that it is indoors so you are guaranteed of a great time – rain or shine!
It may not be as huge as Everland but my son had a blast trying out the various rides. If not for the queue (it was surprisingly busy even if we visited on a weekday), he would’ve tried out everything. And oh, they also have events and shows scheduled throughout the day – so feel free to check it out. We were able to watch one show that reminded me a lot of animes I watched as a kid but similar to our Everland experience – the performance was in Korean!


kid friendly seoul
One of the play areas inside i-Play

i-Play was the last area we visited specifically for my son. It was also our last day in Seoul and decided that instead of gambling to go to another touristy place (not knowing whether we can navigate properly or not) – we’d go to a pretty central place around Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
You have to pay to enter the premises. It was 10,000 won for the child and 4,000 won for each accompanying adult. The plus side to it is that there is a complimentary refreshing drink for the adult ticket (I tried the iced buckwheat tea!).
I also got discount coupons for our next visit and checked out the dates but it was only valid until June 2017 – sigh. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can go back to Seoul that quickly!

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