Review: Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill

marco pierre white

My husband celebrated his birthday and we ate at Marco Pierre White’s..

In our small family, my husband celebrates his birthday first. And for his birthday this year, we had his birthday lunch at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Dublin. To be honest, this wasn’t our first option. But because my husband’s birthday was a public holiday in Ireland – there were a few restaurants who were still closed that day.

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Review: Ely Wine Bar (CHQ)

ely wine bar

A great catch up session with a friend at Ely Wine Bar!

These days, I rarely go out for dinner. Apart from minding my son most evenings, most of the people I know are also busy on weekday nights. And I think it is also usual for families with little kids to have a preference to do socials on weekends at lunch time, too.
I blogged about a friend who came a couple of months ago to visit – and it eventually led to one of the few instances I was able to go out for dinner. Weeks before she arrived (even with the Visa issues around), she told me she wanted to go out for dinner just like the old days when I was still living in Singapore. I thought it was a great chance to go out without the little one for a change! Continue reading “Review: Ely Wine Bar (CHQ)” »