Review: Carluccio’s at Dawson Street


A recent trip to Carluccio’s after my son’s rugby class..

Anthony Carluccio is one of the famous celebrity chefs over here. But before relocating here, I don’t know him at all. I only got to know about his existence when my husband (then boyfriend) bought his cookbook in Melbourne so he can cook me a dish from one of his recipes.

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Review: Il Fornaio IFSC (Dublin, Ireland)

il fornaio ifsc

Personal dining experience at Il Fornaio IFSC branch

I can feel the cold winds of autumn are just around the corner – literally. Each day, the nights are getting longer and colder. Yellow leaves are starting to fall down into heaps around the pavement, too. For my son, that’s a great “toy” to play with but for us, we knew that the weather will now turn for the worse.
Whenever we find ourselves with an unexpectedly sunny day, one of our default places to go to is Il Fornaio at the IFSC. It is an Italian cafe with reasonable prices and yummy food items to choose from. Apart from that, our Italian friend loves to dine there. She mentioned once that the staffs were like her pseudo-family while she’s in Dublin. And I can say that they were really the nicest bunch of people, too. Continue reading “Review: Il Fornaio IFSC (Dublin, Ireland)” »