What the future holds…

The timing of my new travel blog is a bit ironic. To be honest, I have been thinking of making my own travel blog for years now but somehow, I always found a reason not to. Especially a couple of years back when I was traveling quite a lot due to work, it would’ve been the perfect time to do this.

I would probably still not have my own travel blog if not for a travel site called Travelicious. As part of their requirement, a wannabe travel writer (like me) needs to buy a domain and have a personal travel blog. It was a risk to have to pay for something before getting paid for work but glad it worked out in the end (or that’s what I thought).

It is really ironic when I think about the countless travel-related articles I have written over the past year I resurrected my writing career. I guess I was just dormant, content to write about something I was passionate about and receive a form of compensation for it.

So what’s the purpose of this new travel and food blog, then? Well, I am still traveling but most of the travels are now locally (ie just around Dublin/Ireland) done as it is a bit difficult (and expensive) to travel especially when there’s a baby or if traveling as a family. Despite living in Dublin for 4 years now, I haven’t really been around. And this blog would be the perfect channel to document the local travels I am hoping to do with my family, too. Of course, food is still my passion so you can expect quite a number of restaurant reviews as well!

It is exciting to know what the traveling future holds for me and my travel blog. I look forward to sharing traveling tips, boo-boos, what we learned, and of course, food through this little personal corner I have in the Internet.

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