Rambles: Getting used to the sun (again)


I need to get used to going out a lot often these days…

Since arriving in Ireland in 2012, I often work from home. As a Consultant, I do not need to go to an office when I am not on a client site. It is a really good perk – especially after becoming a Mom. But the downside is the fact I am often cooped inside the house on weekdays. I never developed the habit to work inside cafes (too noisy for a meeting IMO) or to go for a “short walk” to get some fresh air (hard to do that when having back-to-back meetings). But now I am a stay-at-home Mom, I have to get my ass moving and get used to getting my vitamin D from the source.


Kids benefit A LOT by going outdoors. It is the cheapest and simplest (most times) form of entertainment. I do not need to rack my brains thinking of any activities to do that will only last for half an hour max – until the “boss” starts to get bored with it. All I need to do is change our clothes and make our way outside!


On the first few weeks of myself being a SAHM, I was a bit reluctant to go outdoors with my son. I mean, I want to do it but I am not sure whether I can manage. When we go out, I always have my husband around. Or, before I stayed at home, it was the minder taking my son for walks. But now that I am a stay-at-home Mom, I need to find the confidence to do it myself!


I had a lot of things I wanted to do with my son now that I am personally minding him. I wanted to go to the groceries sometimes, drop by a cafe, or just walk along the quays! At first, I was kinda scared whether I can do so without any “incidents”. Or, whether any of these will become realities. 

It’s been a couple of months now and I am so thrilled I’ve been able to do most things (except the groceries). It feels nice to walk with him and going out is now our default option when we run out of things to do – except when the weather is too cold or raining. I don’t think he is the only one entertained, though. There are times I just find myself amused by his curiosity, questions, and ideas whenever he sees things around! On top of that, we were able to drop by the Oktoberfest stalls at George’s Dock this year, too!


Autumn is officially here – so our outdoor fun days are numbered. Well, we are just making the most of each opportunity as we get it and just brace ourselves for the chilly winds!

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