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moving houses

After a couple of last minute packing/unpacking – we are finally home!

Our family is up for a new adventure. Around the middle of the year, my husband accepted a new opportunity for work. This move made it a little bit easier for us to finally make the decision for me to leave my job (I am now a SAHM). But despite this exciting new beginning for all of us, we also faced a lot of challenges along the way.

First, the nail-biting Visa application process. We were confident we will be granted a Visa but the huge question was WHEN. My husband faced a lot of stress due to this as there were also some big changes in their workplace. The question of “Should we wait for the Visa or not before leaving Ireland?” has been a hot topic. And, it wasn’t easy to do! I was already a SAHM when he was contemplating this. And, now that we are parents – it is not that easy to make “risky” decisions anymore!

In the end, my husband decided to leave even before the Visa was granted. We kept our hopes up and prayed for the best. And while we anxiously waited for our Visa approval email – we were kept on our toes with all the packing logistics:

home moving houses

I have moved continents TWICE in my career but this was by far the most difficult move I’ve ever done. Well, the biggest difference was my prior relocation only involved a single body: MINE. I was single back then and only needed to look after my stuff. So, it was a lot easier to manage everything back then. Plus, I always had the mindset before that I might move elsewhere so I don’t want to invest in household items. But I guess having a family changes that. And well, I really thought we will settle for good in Dublin…

It was great we received our Visa approval before shipping our stuff – YAY! But the sort of bad news was my husband’s start date with the new Company will not be until late January. They probably thought the Visa will take longer to process or because of the upcoming Christmas break – who knows! But it only meant one thing: we can’t afford to stay in Ireland until then. So, we decided to fly back to our native country – we’re going back to Manila and staying for much longer than we expected! Here’s my husband enjoying his last pint (of Guinness, of course) in Ireland:

dublin airport lounge

We decided to stay in Manila for practical reasons: the cost of living is cheaper here than in Ireland. Plus, we will stay at my parents’ house so we need not worry about paying rent. That alone stretches our savings by a mile!

I love being at home, despite the hot and humid weather. We struggled with the weather quite a bit (even my son was really uncomfortable :() but managed somehow to let the day go on by hanging out in shopping centres. On days we don’t go out, we bring my son to a nearby playground I used to frequent to when I was a kid myself 🙂

Another aspect I struggled with was maintaining my newly adapted low carb lifestyle. Eek! Prior our arrival, I told my Mom to shop for a few items for my diet to make it “easier” for me to keep at it. Well, there are days I have been good but it’s so hard to resist the carb/sugar cravings! I mean, I have been craving for these for YEARS – how can I resist not to give in when I can eat it NOW?


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