Fab weather + Mother’s Day promo = great day!

Glorious sunny day for a run!

What a nice way to start the Irish Mother’s Day for sure!

Mother’s day is being celebrated a bit earlier than I got used to here in Ireland. I am not sure whether it applies to all European countries (or Commonwealth?). So, I am not accustomed to celebrating it on March.
Well, my husband and I decided to stick to “what we’re used to” and celebrate it on May. But that doesn’t mean we can’t go out and make the most of the deals available when the Irish celebrate theirs on March, right?

Luckily, the day started great. The sun was warm and skies blue – I decided to go for a quick run before we go ahead with our day. Days like these makes me appreciate our location a lot more! It is really nice to capture photos like these. It’s as if I am a professional photographer – LOL! And hey, these doesn’t have any filters, too!

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After the quick run, I prepared to go out for the day. We started by catching a movie at Odeon Cinemas first. It is great that cinemas here have kids screening. I am not sure whether they do it on ALL movies but at least we get to watch (parts of) the movie with our little one. The ticket price is not that bad either. Even if I paid for all the three of us to watch – the total amount is not as much as one full price adult ticket.

Trying to watch a movie
Trying to watch a movie

As expected – we didn’t finish the movie, LOL! It was for Moana but after the songs, the little man got bored and kept talking. So to prevent the other parents and kids trying to watch it – we went out of the cinema. We were able to watch for an hour and a half so I am hoping he’d learn to stay put for longer the next time!
We got out just in time for us to go to the city center for lunch. My husband and I were eyeing the promo from Eddie Rockets on Mother’s Day. I saw a Facebook ad and thought it was good value for money. Imagine having ALL these for only €25 – plus drinks!

mother's day eddie rockets
Eddie Rocket’s Mother’s Day promo!

It all ended well. It was not a proper Mother’s Day celebration per se but we definitely enjoyed the day.

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