2017 is MY year!

Definitely looking forward to a lot of blessings for this year!

There are a lot of things about to happen now in my life. For what it’s worth, most of these things are good so that makes me happy. I definitely look forward to these in the coming weeks/months – so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well!

I rarely share anything personal or trying to keep the “rambles post” on the low. But I thought there’s just too much to look forward to, I’d share some bits and pieces here!

Travel hiatus – lifted!

After declaring 2016 as a travel hiatus, we are finally looking forward to a family trip in the coming weeks. Yay! I dread the long flight for a number of reasons (like traveling with a potty training toddler) but look forward to being able to see a new city, a new country! On top of that, I will see my parents and siblings as well. So it is also a much-awaited reunion of sorts.

One thing that happened recently that dampened my festive spirit was an email I received from Etihad. They recently downgraded (noooooooo!!) our Frequent Flyer status – so we no longer have free access to the lounge. I was expecting that it would happen, given the fact we did not fly last year but it was such a VERY bad timing to happen NOW! Sigh. We will still access the lounge since it is convenient but it is kinda annoying to pay for it now after enjoying it countless times for free!

Application on…things

I don’t want to share this (yet) in detail but there is something that I’ve applied for that I received the decision recently. It made me feel happy and sort of..I don’t know, weird (maybe). It is something that I want to get for a long time. And I firmly believe that would result in better things for myself and my family. Despite wanting it, I felt mixed emotions unexpectedly that makes it hard to fully celebrate for this.

something about to happen here..
something about to happen here..

I might post a lot more about it when it is finalized. As of this writing, I am already planning to write on this topic on the Expat website I regularly contribute to.

5 Years

I will celebrate a couple of things for the fifth year this year. First, it is our fifth wedding anniversary. Time really flies! We’ve had a million arguments and petty fights over the course of those 5 years but I think it helped us to become better spouse to each other and parent to our little one.

Second, it is also my fifth year here in Ireland! Gah! Despite that, I still find it hard to understand the accent at times or haven’t been to A LOT of places around. Something I want to do (hopefully) in the coming months.

Third, it is also my fifth year anniversary at work! So, yeah. Definitely, a lot of good things for me to look forward to. I just feel so blessed, I want to buy something to celebrate! Wink, wink!

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