A trip to memory lane: Museong Pambata and SM Mall of Asia!

museong pambata

An afternoon spent at the Museong Pambata and SM Mall of Asia..

We are spending some time with family before our big move. We didn’t plan any of these so we didn’t have any fixed itineraries during our stay. So ultimately, our plan was to have no plans at all! LOL! And, just let each day pass by and decide where to go and whom to meet as the days go by.

We are staying at my parents’ house throughout the entire duration of our trip. And because of this, we need to find ways to allow my in-laws to have some time with my son, too.

Unfortunately, they don’t live close by. And with the terrible traffic situation in the Philippines, it is very hard to go around without a car. Uber and Grab are available in Manila but during traffic peak hours – even these are quite inaccessible.

So on days we met with my in-laws, we always look for a spot where my son can have fun for an entire afternoon (at least). And one of the venues we went to meet was at the Museong Pambata (Children’s Museum) and SM Mall of Asia.

We initially met at SM Mall of Asia to have some lunch. The Museo is close to some restaurants but we don’t want to deal with the hassle of crossing the streets as it was super hot and humid that day. It was a struggle to keep on my low-carb diet that day. I even indulge in this bubble waffle and ice cream! Good thing, my husband and I shared with this one. whew!

bubble waffle

After the meal, we took a cab to go to the Museo. My son was still a bit jetlagged and maybe, struggling with the heat – he almost fell asleep on our way to the museum. Good thing we arrived just in time before he dozed off!

museong pambata

Visiting the museum was nostalgic for me. I remembered my school days as we used to visit the museum for educational field trips. It was quite surreal to be back and see the exhibits on display. But after a few moments of nostalgia, I can’t help but feel sad about the museum.

museong pambata

The museum hasn’t changed much. I still saw the human body tunnel exhibit, the old tram, and the fire truck. Looking at these, I was back in my childhood and reliving the moment when I was 10 years old on a field trip with classmates and friends.

museong pambata

It wasn’t messy or dirty, though. But I just felt that the museum badly needs an upgrade. Nothing wrong displaying some of the old exhibits such as the old tram and Bahay Kubo (nipa hut) but I felt the museum lacked excitement. The layout was outdated and would’ve benefited if there were more additional new exhibits on display. Or, the flooring changed from the slippery (and dangerous) floor tiles to a more child-friendly version.

museong pambata

I can’t help but wonder whether the museum will ever get to the same level as the ones we saw in Korea when we visited Seoul in April last year. It would’ve been nice to see places and facilities in the Philippines getting a much-needed upgrade to catch up with the modern times.

It was a nice afternoon spent with family for sure. I was happy to visit the museum again after all these years. But how I wish some things have changed – it’s been more than 20 years after all..


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