Random thoughts: The result of change

Dublin alley

Last Saturday was totally crappy. It was raining so hard – I had to drag myself out of bed so I can go on with my errands for the day. Saturday is “grocery shopping day” and unfortunately, it is also a day when most of our important commodities run out. There are days when I move grocery day to Sunday but then, we already made plans – I don’t want to delay it. Not to mention that if I missed grocery day on Saturday, it also meant that cooking our meals for the week will also get delayed. Oh well, adult life. Parenting life. No matter what you call it. When the weather is crappy, it is only called crappy day!
Since Saturday weather forced us to stay indoors, Sunday was the only day left for a family day. My husband and I both work. And I am blessed to be able to work from home. But even if I technically stay at home to see my son the entire day, it is not the same as spending time with him. So on weekends, my husband and I try to do something we can all enjoy as a family.
Of course, part of our Sunday is to go to mass. We often visit St. Teresa’s Church at Clarendon street to go to the 11 AM mass. Our son also goes inside the Church at the first part of the ceremony. And when he starts to get a bit more chatty or volunteers to get out, my husband brings him to the Disney store or McDonald’s. I stay inside the Church to finish the ceremony. And this Sunday, despite starting the day with dark gray clouds outside, the stained glass inside the Church started to brighten. Even if I was seating in the last pew, I can see the sun’s strong rays entering the building.

St Teresa's Clarendon
The sun piercing through the stained glass windows of the Church

After the mass, I went out to go to the Disney store. And just like any other Sunday I went to the St. Teresa’s Church – I pass by this small alley beside the Church. It’s good to see this tiny space rehabilitated. I remembered walking here when it used to have broken and slanted pavements.

Dublin alley
Not crooked or slanted anymore

But despite some differences a few years ago, some things don’t change. For one, despite just entering the other end of this small alley, I can hear the accordion playing. And even if I can’t see the old lady yet, I know that she is sitting at the other end playing the instrument just like any Sunday she is there.
I reached the end of the alley and arrived at Grafton Street. Similar to other Sundays I have been in this street – it was packed with people. I guess we were not the only family who got house arrested the day before because of the rain. And similar to the rest of us, we took the chance to make the most of the better weather on Sunday.

Grafton street
Just like us: everybody went out!

Change is inevitable. And the result of this can either work for you or against you. One day can be totally crappy and the next day, the sun will shine brightly. But despite knowing that change is just there, sitting in a corner – a sense of familiarity and nostalgia can make every one of us more adaptable to change.
** Author’s note: My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Davao blast. #prayfordavao **

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts: The result of change

  1. I am a north Indian where the weather is either too hot or too cold but with my experience of living in south, I know how it would be like in Philippines. I have been planning to visit Manila for last 4 years but could not manage it yet. I will certainly come and visit Manila in near future.

    1. I have a lot of Indian colleagues 🙂 I think Filipinos and Indians are generally EVERYWHERE no matter where you go, LOL! Oh, do try to visit! And I hope once you finally do, you’d enjoy the experience especially if you go to the beaches 🙂

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