Boracay: Will I see you again?

Powdery white sand beneath my feet

Throwback: Thinking of Boracay yet again..

Living in the third world country while growing up, travel opportunities were rare for me. In fact, the only time I experienced traveling when I was a kid was whenever we’d go visit my paternal grandmother in the province during school break. Or, to tag along when it’s time for my Mom’s annual summer outing. Or, if we are lucky, visit a nearby pool resort for an overnight family break.
Of course, I was still fortunate to have been able to enjoy these whilst growing up – but I knew early on that I wanted more. I wanted to go places riding an aircraft and even contemplated to become a flight attendant so I can fulfill my traveling dreams.

Boracay white sand
Powdery white sand beneath my feet. Photo via Facebook

I was already working as an IT Consultant when I managed to board my first flight. Using my hard-earned money, I joined a couple of college friends to go to a famous tourist spot in the Philippines – Boracay. Boracay is a popular beach destination in the Philippines because of its pristine crystal clear waters and powdery white sand beaches. It is quite ironic that this place is frequently visited by a number of tourists annually but because of the expensive airfare (back then), only a few locals are able to visit. Especially if traveling from farther regions in the Philippines, visiting Boracay can only be a dream.

Boracay gloomy sunset
Almost night time. Photo via Facebook

I have been to other places but only managed to go to Boracay twice. The second instance was like a “mini” honeymoon for us newlyweds (back then) but we did it with a couple of friends, too. It was refreshing to visit Boracay a couple of years later, to be honest. There were a few changes from the first time I visited Boracay to the way I did it on the second trip. For one, I was able to stay in the nicer (sand) area of Station 2 – an obvious upgrade from the coarser sand of Station 3. Apart from being a married woman, I was already a traveler. So going back to Boracay was similar to me paying my respects to the place where it started it all!

Boracay sailing
Blue skies (unlike here!). Photo via Facebook

So why did I suddenly thought of Boracay after all these years? Well, apart from me having a summer withdrawal symptom (can’t believe summer is over!) – it seems to me that the third visit to Boracay is in the works. It’s been a while since we went back to see my parents and in-laws. And while we planned for a different family trip, a series of events led us to re-think of our travel plans for next year – and that includes Boracay.
I am still not entirely sure what my traveling future holds but it excites me to think that I get to visit this place again. And similar to my second visit, with a different me. I can’t wait to show my little boy the place that ignited the traveler in me. And I wish he will love it as much as I did.

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4 thoughts on “Boracay: Will I see you again?

  1. I think the first place we visit always leaves a mark on us! It’s great that you’ve been able to go back there again and already planning a third visit… with the family! I can imagine the excitement to show this special place to your kid.
    I’ve read a lot about Boracay and it does seem a great place to visit! 🙂

    1. Oh definitely! 🙂 It’s just amazing when I look back and realize that I came back to Boracay at times when my life is in a transition. I didn’t do it on purpose, though. Purely unintentional. But it’s amazing anyway. I hope that Boracay will still remain the great place as I remembered. I have been hearing and reading not-so-good news about its state recently. So it is a bit sad.

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