Top things I enjoyed in Seoul!


I still think about Seoul. So, let me share the best experiences I’ve had while in there!

Our recent trip to Seoul went by so fast – I wish I could easily go back again! Time flies when you’re having fun – as they say, right?
We spent about 2 weeks in Seoul but I still feel as if I haven’t been around much. Probably because we encountered a couple of challenges traveling with a toddler (you can read a related post here) around Seoul. So, we had to change plans sometimes!

Despite feeling that way, there were A LOT of things I love about Seoul. And if you are thinking of going there (or been there before), let me share with you some of the things I personally enjoyed over there!


korean bbq
Our first and last Korean BBQ. Sigh. Photo via Facebook

Of course – food! I love Korean food! And to be honest, I discovered how much I love eating kimchi on that trip, too. I would have eaten more Korean BBQs but due to the language barrier – we were unsuccessful on our first attempts trying to order BBQ.
We only had it when we went to Lotte Mall in Dongdaemun on our last day. We ate lunch over there and chanced upon a Korean BBQ restaurant and they spoke decent English, too. That’s when we learned that for BBQ (or any grilled meat, I assume) – ordering is always minimum FOR TWO. So, I can only conclude that it could’ve been the reason why the previous restaurants would often motion to us “NO” when we tried ordering grilled belly or bossam and indicated we want ONE. Sigh.

Skincare shopping

This was my FIRST bag. Photo via Facebook
This was my FIRST bag. Photo via Facebook

OMG – this is really a skincare shopping heaven! If I wasn’t worried about our luggage allowance (or my credit card bill) – I would’ve hoarded a lot more! It was even great timing they are having such a massive, massive sale! Face masks and sunscreen were on a 1+1 promo – you just need to look around to get the best deal. My sister-in-law also told me she went to a shop to buy 5 aloe vera tubs but weren’t on sale. But, as soon as the sales lady learned she will buy that much – she gave her a promotion to get 4 and have 1 – for free!

Visiting palaces

The little man running around like a madman in Changdeokgung. Photo via Facebook

We were able to visit 3 palaces – Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung (and partly the secret garden) and Changgyeonggung. It was amazing how massive these places are and the intricate details of the design, too. Too bad, pram access can be challenging. The palaces have mostly dirt (which my son didn’t mind digging his toys in, sigh) or very steep roads. Next time, I am hoping to visit again but maybe, dress up in hanbok to get free entrance!

Do a side-activity

perfume making
Creating my personal scent. Photo via Facebook

I was lucky to have a friend go to Seoul at the same period I was there. We decided to meet for dinner and a fun activity on the side – something a bit different rather than touristy. For that, we enrolled in a perfume making workshop!
We enrolled thru Airbnb Experiences (click here to check it out) for this and I had a lot of fun, too! I brought my Mom (who was not convinced at first) but later on, appreciated as she made her own scent!

Enjoy street food

seoul street food
Lobster as a street food?! Photo via Facebook

I think it is pretty common to see street food as part of the Asian culture. It is something I really miss here in Europe! So, when we were in Seoul, we’ve had a number of “meals” in Myeongdong street food market.
I can’t say whether the meals are cheaper. We bought a lot of food to try so I think we ended up roughly the same cost if compared to a restaurant! LOL!

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