Review: Create Your Own Perfume Workshop (Airbnb Experiences)

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On our trip to Seoul, we booked a workshop thru Airbnb Eperiences

On our trip to Seoul, I had a friend who came on the same weeks we were there. She was the same friend who visited us last year from Singapore – so I was thrilled we can meet even for just a day while we were there! We had our separate itineraries on most days but planned to do this activity (including my Mom) so we can have a bonding moment together!

I initially wanted to do some spa/sauna type of thing because I was curious to try it out – but I guess it is kind of awkward to see your friend butt naked. LOL! So, in the end, we decided to book a perfume-making workshop using Airbnb Experiences! And for this, we had the Create Your Own Perfume by Lina at her perfumery studio Aromind.
On the day of the workshop, we agreed to meet at a train station. But anybody who travels in a large group and with a small child knows how challenging this can be! A few minutes before the agreed time, I knew my Mom and I will be late. I texted my friend to go ahead without us but she insisted we still join and she’ll wait.
So after toughening our skin, we took the “short hike” to Lina’s home. As if it wasn’t bad enough we were almost running since we were late, we realized the way to Lina’s home is a steep challenge, too! Just imagine how breathless we were when we arrived!
Of course, the other participants were there. We just kept saying sorry and took our seats, heads down from shame. We went straight to workshop mode while catching our breaths!
Lina gave a brief introduction about the perfume-making process. We also had a small “get-to-know” session where we described the type of scent we love. It was a great way to get started. Apart from knowing what other people likes in terms of scents, Lina discussed the perfume notes, too. Well, I had to thank my husband for that – he was the one who taught me about it. And, more likely, if he wasn’t babysitting our son – he’d love this workshop to bits!

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Lina’s workshop room was neat and clean. We had a nice pot of green tea in front of us, which Lina explained we can use to neutralize our sense of smell after smelling various scents in one go. There were different essential oil bottles in front of us with labels for easy identification of scents. There was a small beaker, scale, black box, small funnel, and glass dropper as well. But I was still too darn tired and breathless – I didn’t fuss about it for a while. We also requested to open the doors a bit to catch out breath!
As we were slowly regaining composure, we started with the session. We started by sniffing various types of scents, categorized according to notes. Lina asked us to smell the scent from the paper, then write down what we “felt” about the scent in another piece of paper. She also asked us to rate it from 1-10.

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Smelled every-single-thing

I tried my best to take down notes as honestly as I could. It was a bit tough, especially if this is new to you. I can see my Mom sitting across me looking defeated and has her “I-am-not-having-fun” look on her face as she sniffed each scent. Well, it was not easy. Especially if you have to smell all these and take note what you felt after running and hiking to get there, eh?
I’d say that the “difficult” part would be the sniffing. Because if you have an untrained nose – you’d get paranoid whether you are doing the right thing! Or maybe, just be done and over and say “Ok, I choose this, this, and this – can I make the perfume now?”
Imagine our happiness when we were done with the sniffing bit! Now, here comes the fun part. Lina asked us to choose 3 scents to use for our perfume. Finally, we are about to MAKE something!
It was a bit hard for me to choose my final 3. Despite writing down my notes diligently – I was torn whether I’d really go for the scent or change it to something else. But then, after switching and changing and more sniffing – I came to my conclusion. I chose White Blossom, Peony, and Musk for my signature scent!

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Making my sample from the chosen three

After we chose the scents, we have to make a sample first. For this, we opened the black box (ah, that’s what it is!) and took out the 10ml spray bottle. Lina approached each student and wrote down the grams for each scent. It was amazing she knows how much to put for each scent! She wrote down how many grams to use for each and then, to add alcohol and fill the container.
After that, she asked us to shake the spray bottle vigorously. The process will make sure the oils blended well in the alcohol. And now, the moment of truth – will I like my perfume or not?
I LOVE ITTTT!!! It is something I will definitely wear. It was clean and crisp. Lina also approved. She said my perfume was really, really good. In fact, she didn’t give me any revisions, AT ALL! Yay!
Lina approached each student and checked our perfumes one-by-one. It was amazing she can tell whether ratio changes were necessary (and what change was needed) by one sniff! After she’s done checking, she asked us to choose a bottle for our perfume. This is going to be our perfume’s final “look”, which includes a nice black box and paper bag, too!
Lina gave the measurements for the final bottle, too. But unlike the sample, she told us to use the beaker. We also needed to stir the oils and alcohol together instead of shaking it in the glass container. It made me think that if only Chemistry in high school was fun like this – I would’ve listened more!

airbnb experiences
After stirring, we need to transfer the contents from the beaker to the perfume bottle using the funnel. It felt great to finally see the finished product. Most especially if it ended up looking like this:

airbnb experiences
Ta-da! My own perfume

It made me happy to attend the workshop, despite being late. It was truly a nice experience and love the way Lina conducted the entire thing. So for those traveling to Seoul and would like something different to do, I recommend you check Lina/Aromind’s perfume workshop listing over here!

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