Dongdaemun Stroll!


Why did we miss to go around Dongdaemun area when we visited last April?!

Let’s say that I am having some Seoul withdrawal symptoms recently. For the past weeks, I have been reminiscing on our experiences in Seoul. And, wish that it is far easier to go back than it is now!

Looking back at some of our travel photos, I stumbled on a few things we visited on our last day. We went to Seoul as a group but our family was the last to leave – so we had one day extra to roam around! And on our last day, we went to Dongdaemun.

We discovered Dongdaemun purely by accident! I think we were on our way home from a night stroll when Google maps led us to this place to catch a bus. We found the area interesting. And because we had one day left – we went back the next day.
I find Dongdaemun quirky and eccentric. This building reminds me a lot of Singapore’s Esplanade. I wasn’t sure what the building stands for, but there seem to have exhibits going on in this place.

On the day we visited, there was a very long queue just outside one of the halls around the area. I wanted to take a sneak peek but I want to drop off my son first to the play area – he was growing impatient by this time as well!

The play area called i-Play was really, really nice! One of the things I appreciate a lot about Seoul is the very good playing facilities for kids. The downside to that is it could be challenging to take public transportation with a small child, especially if they are in a pram. But in general, I think Seoul is really child-friendly – add up the fact that elderly locals seem to love kids, too!
While my son was busy playing, I left him with my husband minding him and took a quick stroll outside. Loved the quirky setup and decorations around the area.

Dongdaemun is definitely one of the places in Seoul I’d love to go back to – apart from Myeongdong (for the street food) and Garosu-gil, of course!

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