Errands + Lunch at Yamamori!


Had a mini celebration lunch at Yamamori along the Quays..

There’s a lot of things going on in our household over the past weeks. I don’t want to divulge anything at the moment until everything’s settled, though. But let’s just say that things are progressing quite nicely.

Similar to other weekends, I started my day with a nice outdoor run. Got to make the most of a sunny day when you have it! Plus, I decided to change my route a bit and ran on the other side of the river. To be fair, the view around Dublin is truly picturesque against clear, blue skies.

dublin convention center
I was still enjoying my run (and fab weather) when the weather suddenly grew dim! Sigh. Some things just don’t change, eh? And that includes the erratic and totally unpredictable weather in Ireland!

grand canal
After my short run, I went on with the rest of our day. Weekends are a typical bonding time plus errands! And it is a rare chance for me to try and wear something fashionable since I stay indoors (working from home) daily. So, please, let me have this moment of having my photo taken while wearing my cropped wide leg pants!

cropped wide leg pants
After the errands, we had lunch at Yamamori. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling good. We celebrated something significant – related to the “upcoming change” I talked about initially. I was tempted to cancel the celebration lunch to another day but we have been waiting for this great news so delaying the “celebration” seemed inappropriate.
Because I wasn’t feeling good, my appetite decreased, too. I initially planned to order more from Yamamori (because it is a good Japanese restaurant in Dublin) but ended up ordering something safe – a bento box.

Of course, the bento box was yummy! Tonkatsu breading was light and crispy. I loved the salmon patties with creme fraiche, too! I also loved the black rice sushi and hoped there were a few more pieces of it. It was really good value for money (under €15). The bento came with a bowl of warm miso soup (something I REALLY enjoyed and comforted me big time) and I ordered chamomile tea instead of my usual dose of alcoholic drink.
But I think it is “too basic” for a restaurant review. This is why I didn’t do a full-blown restaurant review on this post for Yamamori. I hope to return here and order something deserving of a proper review, though!

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