Winter activity for toddlers: Rugbytots!


Have you heard of Rugbytots?

Since relocating to Dublin, I’ve realized my son’s childhood will not be the same as mine. For one, as parents, it is an additional task for us to find a way so he mingles with other kids. It is not the same as simply “dropping by the neighbors” or visiting aunts/uncles to meet up with cousins.
He is not enrolled in a daycare as well. We have a nanny coming in to take care of him while I work during the day. So if you think about it, he is only interacting with kids his age if he bumps into them while outdoors during summer.

Having said that, we all know that summer is long gone and we are now in the cold winter season. Even if my son wants to, he can’t stay outdoors for too long to play. And I bet there won’t be other kids outside to play with either. So during this cold winter season, I usually find an alternative so he has play time outside our apartment.
Last year, I enrolled him in a class with Claphandies at their Malahide Castle location during weekends. While he enjoyed the class towards the end, it took some time for him to get comfortable. He was not the super sociable type anyway and needed his space before loosening up when new people are around. Despite that, for this year while looking for a winter activity for him, I was so close enrolling him at Claphandies the second time but decided to try looking at a different activity instead.
My son is super active – you barely see him in one place even at home! And even at a young age, it seemed like he has a knack for sports. So instead of enrolling him to Claphandies, we decided to find a sports class suitable his age instead!
Luckily, I’ve stumbled on a Rugby Class for toddlers called Rugbytots. My husband is more of a football fan rather than rugby but the age range for the football class I found seemed “intimidating” for me (my son would end up in a class with kids aged 3-4 years old). It is also the first time my son would experience a sports class, so I thought I’d do the “let’s wait and see” approach. In the end, this led us to enroll him with Rugbytots as he will be with kids younger or just about the same age as him.

My son in action..Kick the ball!

Well, I guess I am just a worrier – my son loved it! I was laughing when we entered the sports hall the first day as he randomly blurted out “Hi, friends! Let’s play! Lots of balls!” LOL! Totally different reaction to our Claphandies experience last year.
He definitely had a great time. Well, we needed to work on his listening-and-following-instructions skill (still running even when told to STOP 🙄 ). But that’s one of the reasons we enrolled him in the first place – develop discipline.
It is still the early days. We had the second session last weekend and he still loved it. Still not following instructions, though. But enrolling him with Rugbytots was definitely a good decision we made!

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