A weekend lunch at Eddie Rocket’s City Diner!

Eddie Rockets

Burger cravings satisfied: Eddie Rocket’s City Center branch!

A few blog posts ago, I shared with you a weekend where I spent most of the days walking around Dublin city center looking for bargains (aka a lame excuse to shop). On that post, I also raved (and ranted!) on the experiences from the day. And, I also promised to write a review on the burger joint where we ate our lunch called Eddie Rockets! So, here it is!

Eddie Rockets
Trendy interior of the Eddie Rockets City Diner

Before I even started this travel and food blog, I have eaten in this American Diner a lot of times. I can say this place is one of my favorite burger joints (one of the many) since the food is reasonably priced and ambiance looks cool and trendy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have burgers for a meal, right?
On that weekend, we arrived a few minutes before 1 PM. It was great as we didn’t want to queue to get in and get a seat. As expected, we got our seats immediately. But the waitress who assisted us seemed a bit disconnected to the job, though. I had the impression she’s new and not fluent in English, too. As she approached, she barely talked and only motioned the table where we should sit. She didn’t even ask if we needed a high chair despite seeing our son. She quietly left the menu on top of the table and left without another word! My husband had to take the high chair by himself to set it up!
Anyway, after we settled in, another waitress approached our table. She asked if it was our first time in the diner or if we knew how to order. We answered we were OK so she left us for a few moments so we can choose our meals in peace. She came back a few minutes later to get our order and all we have to do is wait for our food.

Dublin city center Eddie Rockets
Waiting for our lunch at Eddie Rockets

That weekend, I ordered the M50 from the menu. I paid for an additional €5 (I think) to make it a burger meal which includes a drink and some fries, too. My husband and I love the crispy onion rings, so we bought one order as well.

Eddie Rockets
My M50 burger with regular fries! Yum!

Our food arrived promptly. Despite the slight disappointment with the service at first, our food was the same good old Eddie Rockets burger I love. The burger patty was juicy and bread seemed fresh. Our chips were served hot. We had to wait a few moments before giving a few pieces to my son.
Overall, we had a nice lunch that weekend at Eddie Rockets. Not the best, though. As I think they could’ve done a better job training the waitress how to deal with customers with kids!

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11 thoughts on “A weekend lunch at Eddie Rocket’s City Diner!

  1. This post was delicious! *lol*

    I’m planning to visit Dublin in December and I am really excited about it. Might as well go to Eddie’s to taste that burger.

    I hear you when it comes to bad customer service, but ours in Brazil sucks really bad, so I don’t think it will bother me that much.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Is it really THAT bad? My son’s nannies are Brazilian and well, told me stories about what life is like in Brazil. But then, you might find the burger mediocre if you are soooo used to eating fantastic quality meat! The girls minding my son often complain that meat here tastes bland.

  2. Would you believe that I am a vegetarian for last 12 years or so and stick to it even where I find no vegetarian food. I loved eating chicken and other non vegetarian dishes but then someone forced me to give up. I miss some of the dishes I could have eaten while visiting western world.

    1. I think it is very common for Indians to be vegetarians. I have an Indian friend who also practice this diet and says that he “hates” vegetables so much that’s why he likes to eat them, LOL! I know he is just kidding, though. I have been curious to be vegetarian but can’t think of giving up steak 🙁

      1. Your friend is funny. 😀
        Though I always like to eat vegetables, and not eat much meat, I don’t think I will totally give up eating meat at least in near future.

        1. Same here! I actually admire people who gave up eating meat, not because they need to for health reasons or religion but because they want to minimize the demand and for animal cruelty. I also love my veg but the thought of not eating meat ever again – makes me sad already…

  3. You certainly had a nice time there except for the crappy waitress. However, the place is bookmarked in my books as one of the areas to explore while visiting Dublin. Loved your narration!

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, I really thought the overall experience will be tainted by that but I was glad it didn’t spoil much for me 🙂

  4. I forgot to remind myself not to visit your blog when I have an empty stomach. Your words and photos make me feel so hungry!

    I do go for burgers once in a while, but we usually go McDonalds. Though they are not super delicious, I think they are the most affordable ones especially during the promotion period.

    I agree with you, I do appreciate when the staff pay more attention to young kids. Some waiter/waitress even served the hot food just beside the young kids, and I think they are not thoughtful at all.

    1. You got it spot on about the hot food! Sometimes, it makes me wonder “what are you guys thinking?!?!?”. But I guess sometimes, there are some people who goes for auto mode with work. Oh McDonald’s is a nice place to eat yummy burgers. We do have it here and often visit it especially for the Twister fries 😀

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