Spending the weekend at Dublin city center

Dublin city center GPO

Last weekend at Dublin City Center..

Last weekend, we missed the Luas to go to Dublin city center. And because the sun was shining brightly, we decided to go for a walk. Before my son was born, my husband and I rarely use the Luas – especially during the spring/summer season. And since my son is no longer a baby and the weather still warm, we decided to use our feet to go to the city center.
It was great. We used the time walking to chat and appreciate the refreshing breeze outdoors. Apart from that, we also noticed that preparation for the Oktoberfest is now ongoing. Booths and food stalls (I failed to take a photo of, too busy chatting with my husband, 😆 ) are already setup. In case you are interested to know more about Dublin’s Oktoberfest celebrations, watch out for my article on ExpatPost tomorrow (16 September 2016) about it!
We went to mass at the St Mary’s Pro Cathedral located at Dublin city center. As usual, my husband and son stayed inside for the first half of the celebration. We were lucky we were seated beside the candles for prayer offering – allowing my son to keep still longer than usual. But that didn’t prevent him from running around the Church ( 😐 ). So eventually, my husband took him out and I was left inside to finish the mass.
After the mass, we have to wait a couple of minutes till the shops open at 11 AM. We decided to drop by a local Starbucks shop to wait and grab a bite, too. On our way to Starbucks, I had to appreciate the fantastic weather outdoors and snapped a couple of photos of some attractions at Dublin city center!

Dublin city center spire
Catching a glimpse of the Spire in the middle of Dublin city center
Dublin city center GPO
Minus the roadworks, the GPO looked amazing!
Dublin city center Henry Street
Barely 11 AM but Henry Street slowly getting crowded!

I made plans to visit a local retail shop called TK Maxx. This is a great shop to find reasonable prices on branded items such as clothing and footwear. I also buy discounted nail polish bottles of OPI and Essie – so a trip to this store must be limited. In fact, I am not even sure now whether I really save money by visiting this store, :lol:!

Dublin city center TK Maxx
Hmm did I really save up or spent more..

After shopping for cosmetics, children’s books, and a Michael Kors trench coat – I stopped. And I think my husband (and credit card) was happy I did, :lol:!
We left Jervis shopping center and headed to Eddie Rockets for lunch. We were lucky we arrived before it got busy and got our seats immediately. I will leave it like this for now and will write a separate article for the review in the coming days!

Dublin city center Eddie Rockets
Waiting for our lunch at Eddie Rockets

After lunch, we dropped by Eason’s as it was nearby and the clouds got gloomy, too. It later turned out as a wrong move as my husband got really pissed from an experience with the staffs. We didn’t bother to stay for too long as it was close to my son’s naptime plus the fact we had two HUGE bags from TK Maxx filled with stuff. 😡 
To cool his head, we went to Wigwam (previously known as Twisted Pepper) to have some coffee. It was too warm for me and I avoid taking coffee in the afternoon, too. So I settled for some Earl Grey iced tea instead.

Dublin city center Wigwam
Enjoying our drinks at Wigwam

We chatted about the incident at Eason’s for a while. My husband was still clearly pissed about the nonexistent customer service from the staff. He decided to have a massive rant on Facebook about it and tagged Eason’s Facebook page. Hopefully, that page’s Admin would do something about the incident!
After finishing our drinks, we went back to Jervis to catch our Luas. Luckily, this time, we didn’t miss it and waited only for about 5 minutes so we can get home.
It was definitely a productive day. I love weekends like these and too bad we only have two days for weekends!

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