First Day in Galway: Walking around Galway City Center

Galway City Center

Out and about Galway City Center

As you are probably aware, we recently had an impromptu trip to Galway. Luckily for us, the commute was straightforward. The trip was a little bit long (almost 3-hours) leaving from Heuston Station in Dublin City Center but at least, we didn’t have to change trains in between the trip.
We took the morning train at 10:05 AM for an estimated arrival at around 2 PM.Β  Since anything-can-happen if traveling with a toddler, we left the apartment really early and had our breakfast at the train station. It is a lot better to spend a few extra minutes lounging around the station rather than stressing to get to the station.
The train arrived on time (I think). Despite the “wobbly” start, the train ride eventually became smooth as we went our way. It’s not the first time we took the train to go to the countryside as we’ve visited a couple of nearby destinations around Ireland this year. But this was definitely the first time we were seated in the same train car with a loud and noisy bunch of guys! We didn’t want to get into a fight as the other passengers seemed OK with all the noise they are making for the ENTIRE TRIP. They had a radio turned on, chatted nonstop, and DRANK nonstop. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind hearing a few noise here and there – it’s common when taking public transport anyway. But I think these guys should know a little bit about traveling manners. It’s like they converted the train into a pub! 😑 

Galway City Center
Are we there yet?

We were just thankful to arrive in Galway. The weather didn’t look promising (hello Ireland!) and we were greeted with dark, gloomy clouds, too. It was a good call to have a heavy breakfast right before leaving Dublin – we were hungry when we arrived! Lucky for us, there were lots of pubs around the train station. And after reading the menus outside, we decided to eat at Eyre Square Hotel.

Galway City Center Eyre Square Hotel
Hmm, what should I get?

After the meal, we went on our way to our AirBnb accommodation to leave our bags. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t meet our host. While we were en route, our host texted she received a call to work that day (I think she works as a pilot) – so she can’t meet us anymore. She gave instructions where to get the keys and some last minute “must-know” things about the apartment.
It was easy to find the apartment. I must say, I was enthralled to see the apartment. First impression was really good. The apartment was huge, clean, and had fantastic views of the harbor.

Looks promising, right?

We were so tired it was easier to stay in but we wanted to make the most of our stay. So despite the gloomy weather, we braced ourselves for the worst and decided to walk around Galway City Center.
But before we did, we went to the Galway Oyster Festival venue first – about 10-15 minute walk from where our apartment was. We didn’t enter the venue, though. The place was jam-packed with most of the festival-goers already seated outside. So I bought the tickets for the next day and planned to arrive early.

Our Airbnb building from the outside. On our way to explore Galway!

After buying the tickets, we strolled around the city center. I asked our friend if she wanted to go anywhere in particular but she just wanted to take random photos of Galway. Could be a result of warning her too well about not-making-any-plans when traveling with a toddler, LOL!
I am not familiar with the scenic spots around Galway City Center but was really, really intrigued about food! I am not sure whether we were just lucky with the location as we were super close, but there were lots of interesting options available! Despite the gloomy weather, there were lots of people that weekend. Maybe because of the oyster festival?
Despite the gloomy weather, we were lucky it didn’t rain (yet). We captured lots of photos while my son slept inside his pram! So I can say we made the most of our time on our first day in Galway. I captured photos of the Spanish arch, the interesting waterways, and various side streets along the Latin Quarters. We even stumbled on a local outdoor market and bought cheese to take home! Nom! πŸ˜€Β 

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To cap off our stroll, we went to Galway Cathedral. It was such a beauty! Definitely bigger and a lot grandiose than Dublin’s Cathedral (whoops!). Still a far cry from Rome’s Catholic Churches (Rome’s Churches are in a different level anyway!) but definitely breathtaking on its own!

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As if on cue, my son woke up from his nap as we were on our way out of the Cathedral. Unluckily for us, it started to rain (boo!). So we hurried to go back to the city proper to look for a place to eat. It was still early but we thought it’s better to have an early dinner and head back to our apartment to call it a day. We found a couple of spots to try but ended up going to this nice, little French crepe place called Java’s.

Galway City Center Java's

After the meal, we headed back to our apartment to rest and get ready for the Galway Oyster Festival the next day! πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “First Day in Galway: Walking around Galway City Center

  1. Galway is such a nice city. Have been there twice, and I am always ready for the next visit πŸ™‚
    It is very annoying travelling with people who have no respect to the other passengers, I get very annoyed in a situation like this. =/
    In Ireland you better embrace the weather and go explore, otherwise you will be just indoors, right? haha

    1. I can relate why you loooved Galway πŸ™‚ I think we are in the same boat, to be honest. I think the city center is a lot better over there and there are a lot of interesting restaurants to try out! Also, I appreciate places where they know how to cook seafood πŸ˜‰

      HAHA, I wrote a similar piece to an Expat website I contribute to – about making adjustments to fit in. And yeah, the weather is one of them!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Beautiful! I love the different colored homes lining the water. Reminds me just a little bit of Scandanavia. I also dig the cloudy, cozy feel to the shots. We’re experiencing a big, windy, rainy cold front in NJ right now. Temps will drop to the 30’s after it blows thru over the next few days. Definitely feeling like Ireland a bit more and more, compared to Wednesday when temps were a way too high 82 (F) here. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      I loved that photo, too! Too bad the cloud is a bit gloomy. It would’ve looked nicer had there been less gray clouds around. I hope the weather over there is not as crazy over here, though πŸ™‚

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