Unexpected long weekend trip to Galway!

Galway train

Birthday treat: A trip to Galway!

This year, I didn’t travel internationally as much as I did the previous years I’ve been living in Dublin. I even wrote about my sort of travel hiatus and the local sites we visited in Ireland in lieu of it. And in case you missed it, you may read the related articles here and here! After I posted the entries, I wasn’t expecting to add anything to the list before the year ends. But since a friend came over to visit for a couple of days just in time for my birthday, we made plans to have a weekend getaway to show her around. And luckily for me, we voted to go to Galway – and that’s definitely added to my “where I’ve been to list” for 2016, yay! 🙂 
Our trip to Galway was super short – just 3 days! My husband and I took a one-day leave (also happens to be my birthday) so that we won’t get “too tired” from the commute alone. Luckily, the train to Galway is easily accessible from Dublin city center. We booked the tickets online (it is usually cheaper that way) and prepared ourselves for the almost 3-hour journey with our active little toddler!

Galway train
Waiting for our platform…

I’d say this quick trip to Galway was the most “spur of the moment” trip I’ve ever had. I am so accustomed to planning trips way in advance including accommodation booking and itinerary research. But because we were dependent on my friend’s arrival (you may read a separate article I posted here), we didn’t have any choice but to wait for the last minute!
Luckily, there are a lot of cheaper accommodation options right now in the market – AirBnb! So treat this as a “teaser” post for now.  😉 I’ll definitely write in more detail in the coming days. So stay tuned! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Unexpected long weekend trip to Galway!

  1. Ah! You certainly left me carving for some more details. Hope you had a great birthday as the start definitely sounds promising! Hope to read more on it. It’s amazing how much you travel despite having a toddler. I find carrying their luggage more tiring than the trip itself!

    1. Oh, tell me about it! Half our luggage are HIS! If only I can pack the entire house, to be honest! We try to still travel whenever we can. Not as easy and we really need to plan ahead and make sure we have enough TIME so to avoid stressing out. No last minute trips anymore!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you! Sometimes it seems more fun to have such spontaneous trip. I can tell you really enjoy travelling. even with a toddler. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the birthday greetings 🙂 Oh, we try not to get “limited” just because we have a toddler in tow. Well, our traveling greatly decreased because it is STILL inconvenient and there are some places that doesn’t suit kids his age anyway. But we still try 🙂 Not as often as we did before he arrived, though.

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