Review: The Marker Hotel Brasserie

crab meat linguine the marker brasserie

The Marker Hotel Brasserie has been a favorite for a long time – and I’ll share why

The Marker Hotel Brasserie is one of our favorite dining places in Dublin. The location is superb (especially if it’s a warm day) not to mention the prices is not that expensive – if I compare it to other dining places we go to around Dublin city center.

I also appreciate they have a nice selection of kid-friendly meals. And the way the staff entertain my son’s “charming antics”, is definitely a huge plus for me!
On one of the days we went to The Marker Brasserie, we enjoyed a nice and relaxing family lunch. As always, it started with some freshly-made bread and butter on the side. Sometimes, I like having this to start – sometimes I don’t! But, having this option to eat while waiting for food is a good plus especially if you are already starving! My personal favorite is the brown seeded soda bread – yummy!

the marker brasserie
I was feeling a bit hungry that day (we had lunch way past the time I often eat lunch) so I had some mushroom soup to start. It was rich and creamy. I would’ve wanted it more lemony but that’s my personal preference anyway.

the marker brasserie
Loved the crispy onions on top!

As for my mains, I had some crab meat linguine. I often shy away from seafood pasta dishes especially those with clams, mussels or prawns because I don’t want to deal with all the shell. But after reading it was on the menu – I couldn’t resist ordering it since it’s been a while I had crab meat!

crab meat linguine the marker brasserie

It was a lovely dish. I was so full after the meal! The flavour was nice. And the fresh chilies gave a punch of flavour in my mouth. The chilies did a great job of cleansing my palate so not to overwhelm my taste buds with that distinct “seafood flavour”.
As always, The Marker Hotel did not fail to satisfy my hunger and the quality of service is still superb!

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