Making the most of the sunny Dublin weekend!

Samuel Beckett bridge

So, it’s sunny Dublin this weekend – what to do?

After a tremendous battering of wind and rain over the past two days, the weather this weekend was superb! Especially if we are to consider that it is still technically winter – to be treated to a very sunny day is something no person should miss. Even if it was so cold and chilly, it was a great chance to go out after being mostly indoors for the past months.

sunny dublin
Look at that blue skies!

We have no plans to go out last weekend but the sunny and clear skies were too inviting, we decided to do a quick stroll along the quays after our mini snack at Il Fornaio. (I didn’t capture any photos while we ate but the service was superb as always. And if you are curious about this Italian cafe in the IFSC, you can check an article I wrote about them over here, too!)
I think it was the best decision ever. Apart from getting my personal dose of vitamin D (if there were any!), my son loved every minute of it! He had a great time running after pigeons and jumping around.

sunny Dublin
Boys..playing with dirt!!

I think he had enough of staying indoors. Or, could be just getting ready for the better summer days ahead of us – who knows! But I just noticed that for the past days, he kept asking if he can go out and play. I sometimes allow him but only for a few minutes – so long as it’s not raining or too cold.

Samuel Beckett bridge
What a view!

So this weekend was definitely a fantastic treat for us – weather-wise. Hopefully, it is also a sign that the short Irish summer would be great this year, too!

sunny dublin

Unlucky for us, the fabulous weather won’t last that long. I just checked the forecast and this week is back to the gloomy skies. Lucky for somebody like me working from home, I don’t have to brave whatever weather it is outdoors to go to work. But then, looking at gray skies won’t be too encouraging either!

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