Suddenly missing Seoul: Drunken Fish wedding anniversary dinner!

drunken fish

We recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! Woot! So, off we went to have dinner at Drunken Fish..

Let me begin by saying that this is not a thorough restaurant review of Drunken Fish – a Korean restaurant in the IFSC area in Dublin. We’ve been here countless times before and have eaten more “familiar” Korean dishes. But, this is the first time we visited the place after our recent Seoul trip. We went here on one of the rare sunny and warm weeknights in Ireland. And, also to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Before our trip to Seoul, I’d say that this place is one of our favorite Asian restaurants in Dublin. We thought that the prices are reasonable and love the flavor coming from the dishes. And to be honest, there are some items from the menu I don’t often see in other Korean restaurants over here (like the hot stone bibimbap, for instance).

drunken fish
But I guess, that’s one downside of experiencing authentic dining experience as you travel – the things you thought were “superb” suddenly becomes mediocre.

drunken fish
waiting for our food..

Well, it is not to say Drunken Fish dipped in quality. I’d say I can’t praise their staff high enough and still love the food! But experiencing the food in Korea – the taste, the freshness, the generous portions of kimchi, and the PRICE!! My dining experience in Drunken Fish was similar to how I complained the bland and “not-so-spicy-enough” Roti or Singapore Laksa I had in Melbourne years ago.

drunken fish
Sigh. Our BBQ looked so..sad

I still enjoyed our Korean BBQ in Drunken Fish for our wedding anniversary dinner. Well, the meat wasn’t as marbled (it was just flank steak, I think) as the one we had in Seoul. Nor did we have as many generous portions of side dishes to accompany the meal. And to top it all off, the price we paid for the dinner was almost the same price we paid for the very beautifully marbled piece of sirloin steak we had in Korea!
Sigh. If only things are that simple…

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