So long, Dublin! (For now..)


I look forward to relocate soon but will miss Dublin for sure..

I may have “issues” about my life in Dublin but the years I spent living there will be definitely treasured. Living in a country, an apartment unit, a community for five years have given me so many memories I will bring with me wherever I go. For my son, Dublin is his “home”. 


Spencer dock Dublin

When I learned we were officially relocating, my initial reaction was excitement and glee. I can barely wait to pack our bags and book our tickets to leave. I thought I will not miss anything about Ireland but I quickly realized I was wrong.

Great famine dublin

As the date drew closer, I found myself taking photos of the places I walk by so frequently. You know, so I have something to remember Dublin by. But apart of taking these pictures for souvenirs, I felt I have “moments” I can’t help but stare at a spot longer than I used to. It’s as if I want to memorize every tiny detail about Dublin I used to take for granted.

Dublin quays

I will miss Dublin. I may have my uncertainties about living here but it has gifted me with so much happy memories while we are there. 

Empty apartment

During my 5-year stay, the place gained me friends. It also allowed me to have much more tolerance to cold and rain – something I really thought I WILL NOT EVER get used to. 


I remember looking at the cab’s window on our way to the airport. Apart from the relief that all the packing’s been done and we can start to relax (hopefully!), I can’t help but feel a bit sad knowing it may take a while before we come back. 


The sense of familiarity will be gone or take longer to re-develop. I am sure I will love our new place but Dublin will always remain as our former home. In fact, it will always be my son’s first home.


Thanks for the memories, Dublin! It has ben a great five years for sure!

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