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wagamama dublin

A quick and spontaneous lunch at Wagamama..

When in need of a good-tasting and kid-friendly places for a bite – Wagamama is one of the first things that pops to mind. Why wouldn’t it? It is one of those places where you are guaranteed with freshly made Japanese food that doesn’t cost as much! Plus, they are one of the child-friendly places around Dublin without a fuss – so it makes them truly likable for us.

The first time I had a meal at Wagamama was in Brisbane, Australia. It was one of our go-to places when we want to grab a cheap grub. Wagamama here in Dublin is fairly new. I think it was only a couple of years ago when they opened a branch at St. Stephen’s Green. The thing with Wagamama that sets them apart from other Japanese restaurants (apart from the price) is the fact they are not afraid to test the limits when it comes to taste. They take a traditional food item and tweak it a bit to make their own!

Our little man is not that picky when it comes to food and we are truly blessed he doesn’t have any allergies as well. But, Wagamama is still a go-to place if we want to have a relaxed lunch or if we don’t want to risk whether a place has any “kid-friendly” item from the menu.

We don’t dine out as much these days. So when we went to Wagamama one Sunday morning after mass, I had to order a nice glass of drink! As well as my son’s freshly squeezed juice drink (apple and orange), too.

wagamama dublin

I wasn’t too hungry so I told my husband we can share the starters instead of ordering separately. We had a duck gyoza so we can nibble on something while waiting for the mains.

wagamama dublin
Nice and crispy gyoza!

The duck gyoza were nice and crispy. Love the flavors coming from each fried dumpling. I didn’t like the dipping sauce that much and still prefer the traditional version. But the thing about these “inspired” or fusion dishes takes you to the boundaries of normal cuisines. 

For my mains, I had a grilled duck donburi. It wasn’t the usual donburi but reminded me a lot more of a Korean bibimbap. It served my craving at the moment as I was having some delayed withdrawal symptoms from our trip to Seoul.

wagamama dublin

The shredded duck meat from the donburi tasted like the duck from the gyoza – so that was a bit of a downer for me. It felt like I was eating the same thing, LOL! I was happy with the generous portion but wished the side dish of kimchi was a lot more than that!

Overall, our dining experience at Wagamama was still superb! We haven’t had any bad experiences so far and hope that the Wagamama branch in Dublin continuous to be like this.


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