Review: Taste of Brazil (Groupon)

taste of brazil

Trying Taste of Brazil’s 5-platter menu for Groupon

Did you ever experience badly craving to go out for a bite but don’t have enough money to spend? That’s me these days. Trying to save some cash for an upcoming trip so as much as possible, I want to be a bit frugal when it comes to spending my money when eating out.
During these times, I often visit Groupon or LivingSocial and get some deals to eat out. I don’t want to keep eating the same food I have inside the house, been indoors during weekdays so itching to go out, too. And I don’t want to stuff myself with fast food the entire time I am trying to be a bit frugal, LOL! So, buying vouchers is the next best thing for me!

One of my recent Groupon dine out experience was a Brazilian restaurant called Taste in Brazil. This is not our first dining experience here. We’ve been here before to eat from their Lunch Specials and it was a nice dining experience. So when I saw they had a voucher coupon – I did not think twice and bought it!

taste of brazil
The voucher was for a 5-platter tasting menu. We arrived a bit early but somebody greeted as soon as we entered. There was a slight “issue” at first as they told us they might be a bit late since the chef had to step out for a bit. I felt a bit disappointed since we were looking forward to the meal already and quite hungry at the time. But after a few minutes of confusion – the chef stepped inside, yay!

taste of brazil
We got our seats and read the menu for the tasting platter. Some of the items on the menu were familiar but for some, I haven’t tasted yet so was excited to start.
A few moments after settling down and getting our drinks, we received the first item from the menu.

taste of brazil
Crispy from the outside

I forgot what it was called but this was a crispy croquette filled with shredded chicken filling. It was fresh and piping hot when it arrived. I love the dip and I found it a great way to start the meal!

taste of brazil
Yummy but cold *sad*

The second item was a bowl of black bean soup. I love black beans and I also like the generous portion of cheese it came with. Too bad the soup was already cold-ish when it arrived on our table (was it supposed to be cold?). But it was a very tasty dish nonetheless!

taste of brazil
My favorite Brazilian dish so far!

The third item is another black bean favorite called feijoada. I often order it when I am eating in a Brazilian restaurant – so tasty and love the farofa! Tasted the same dish the first time we dined at Taste of Brazil and (still) satisfied my palate! Too bad there weren’t enough chorizo or meat pieces that came on my plate. Wondering whether it’s because I ordered it thru a Groupon, hmm?

taste of brazil
Disappointing for me 🙁

By this time, I was already stuffed but the fourth item on the menu was a steak with potato salad – agh! Out of the five items on the menu – this was quite disappointing. I ordered my steak medium but it was cooked well done. Often when I dine out and ordered steaks and it doesn’t come out to my liking – I ask it to be replaced. But since it was sooo cheap (because it was part of the Groupon), I felt bad to ask to change it so I just ate it. As expected, it was chewy but flavorsome. The side salad was yummy, though.

taste of brazil
Tastes really yummy but was so full to finish

Lastly, dessert! It was a HUGE portion of passionfruit and custard. It was really tasty and I loved the first five spoonfuls of it. But by this time, my stomach can’t endure it anymore – I was unable to finish my dessert. I think the passionfruit was too powerful as well but on top of that, it was a nice dessert!
Overall, the Groupon voucher for Taste of Brazil was really good value for money. We were so full after the meal and skipped having coffee since we didn’t have any space for it – BURP!

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