Review: Stone at Rustic by Dylan McGrath

Stone at Rustic

A birthday treat at Stone at Rustic by Dylan McGrath

I know I have been bombarding my blog lately with Galway-related posts (sorry!). But there was a lot of things to blog about that recent trip – the post would be too long if I try to squeeze everything in! Anyway, I’d like to take a Galway-writing break. So I will share a dining experience at Stone at Rustic by Dylan McGrath for today!
I recently celebrated my birthday. And it is our (my husband and me) sort of tradition to “treat” each other at a nice restaurant for a mini celebration on our special days. For this year, we went to Stone at Rustic. We’ve been eyeing this restaurant for quite a while, so I am happy to finally get the chance to visit!
As usual, we made the reservation for lunch  – at the earliest time possible on a Sunday. We arrived a little bit early so the restaurant was still closed. When we got there, the staffs were inside getting ready for service. One of them approached us and advised they are about to open in a few minutes. So we waited a bit outside.

Stone at Rustic
2016/10/rustic-2.jpg?resize=225%2C300 225w, 1224w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" /> The menu

It didn’t take long and we finally got in. We were the first customers to arrive so we got our seats immediately and given the menu. We also requested for a baby chair for my son and we were given a booster seat. Unfortunately, my son was uncomfortable with the chair. He kept on “sliding” so there was a time he wanted to get out! It is better than nothing, I suppose.
It took a while before my son settled in his chair, so it was hard to look at the menu. Good thing, the staff gave us the “space” we needed to read the options and choose carefully! It was even harder since we were first-timers – we want to try EVERYTHING, LOL!

Stone at Rustic
Crab Mayonnaise on Toast

After a couple of minutes more, we finally knew what to order. To start, I chose the crab mayonnaise on toast. It arrived delicately presented and loved the “plates” they used, too. The toast was super crunchy and the mayonnaise not too heavy. There was a generous portion of crab meat in the mayonnaise, so it was really tasty. I think the addition of semi sun dried cherry tomatoes packed a punch of flavor and texture, too! I also appreciated there weren’t too many “loose toppings” so that made it easy to eat.

Stone at Rustic
My son’s pork pappardelle

When we ordered, I requested my son’s food to arrive with the starters and they obliged. They didn’t have a kid’s menu but had a couple of pasta dishes so I chose a small portion of pork pappardelle for him. I tasted and loved it was cooked to perfection! The pasta was al dente and pumpkin sauce creamy. There was a huge piece of pork belly that came with the dish that my husband gladly ate and enjoyed, LOL! Unfortunately, it seemed my son didn’t like it as much as we did. Maybe because he found the pasta a bit difficult to eat because it was wide? So we cut the pappardelle into bite-sized portions – made me wish we requested for the penne pasta instead.

Stone at Rustic
My sizzling rib eye with prawns

After we enjoyed our starters, our mains of rib eye with prawns arrived a few moments later – served in a piping hot stone! It was really exciting to watch – even my son got really curious about it. In addition to this, I also ordered some truffle chips on the side!

Stone at Rustic
Cooking the slightly raw pieces..

Let’s talk about the steak first. We told the server it was our first dining experience at Stone, so we were quickly given instructions how to cook our meat according to our liking. According to him, the meat was cooked rare. He advised us to remove the meat and cut into pieces and put back in the stone if we want to. We followed the instruction and noticed there were some bits of meat already cooked medium (my preferences). So what I did was only put back the pieces I think were still too raw for my liking.
I had the taste of the meat and it was so tender! It goes really well with the herbed mayo on the side. I also love the prawns on top of the meat. There was a generous portion of rock salt on the prawns but because it was paired up with the meat, the saltiness evened out.

Stone at Rustic
My husband trying to steal my chips!!!

I also took some of the truffle chips and my goodness – I want more! It reminded me of the truffle pasta (I love!) served at their sister restaurant called Fade Street. My husband ordered a different side dish so this is his hand caught in action trying to steal my chips! Shoo!
I was having a great time eating my food and chatting with my husband that I forgot I still had some pieces of meat on top of the stone! I was worried my steak got chewy but was so glad it didn’t! Well, it was cooked well-done and normally, if I receive steak in that state, I’d return it to the kitchen. But since it was my fault anyway, I can’t complain, LOL! Luckily, the quality of the beef was superb that even if it was slightly overdone, it was still tender. Not as tender if it was cooked medium, though!

Stone at Rustic
My two desserts!

To cap off, we ordered some dessert. I had a strawberry mojito and because it was my birthday – I had two orders! Yay! So, I ordered the mojito and a glass of Muscat – a sweet dessert wine. My husband ordered a selection of sorbet he shared with my son.
The strawberry mojito was really nice, refreshing, and subtly sweet. It freshened up my palate so it was a great way to end the meal. The fresh strawberries were all crunchy – my son wants to share. I gave him a few pieces but was a bit worried about some pieces that “touched” the lime foam and jelly – I think it was alcohol-infused.
It was a nice birthday lunch for sure. I really enjoyed all the food we ordered and would be glad to come back again!

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