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sika restaurant

Included in our Christmas package at Powerscourt is a Christmas eve dinner at Sika Restaurant

During our stay at Powerscourt Hotel last Christmas, it included a pre-booked Christmas Eve dinner at the hotel’s restaurant named Sika. When I was writing my Powerscourt-related posts (you could read about our Christmas Package special here and here), I thought that the Christmas Eve dinner experience deserved its own post. So, here it goes..

On our hotel reservation, we booked our dinner to be at 7 PM. Back in the day when we celebrated Christmas in the Philippines (or pre-baby years), we’d wait for 12 midnight and eat our Noche Buena as a family. Well, the concept of eating with family is still there, though. But I don’t think we’d like to deal with an overtired baby so we can wait for 12 midnight to have the meal!
We got ready early and went to the restaurant around 10 minutes before 7 PM. Luckily, they weren’t busy yet so we immediately got seated. The menu was already waiting for us at the table as part of the table arrangement.

sika restaurant
The ambiance was relaxed and cozy. There were a few little ones already there in the restaurant when we arrived, so it wasn’t too awkward when my son made a few noise as we sat down (he got excited to see the poppers at the table).
The menu was simple and straightforward. For my starters, I ordered seared scallops with risotto.

sika restaurant
Out of the dish I ordered, this was my least favorite. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the risotto still slightly al dente and creamy. It was a nice tasting meal – only if separated. I thought having pan-seared scallops on top of a heavy risotto did not match and would’ve been beneficial served on its own.
My mains was venison cooked medium rare with cabbage. I initially ordered to have mine cooked medium but my husband ordered medium rare. The staff told me that it is also his personal recommendation to have the venison cooked medium rare instead. So after a few more convincing – I ordered mine medium rare.

sika restaurant
My dish arrived like this! There was a HUGE side dish of mashed potatoes as well so the food was super heavy. I loved the tenderness of the venison meat with each mouthful. My first reaction of the dish was wow, this is so tasty, I love the sauce. But after a few more bites, the sauce started to get to me – in a not-so-good way. I thought the sauce tasted burnt and overpowered the entire dish. I just finished the meat but didn’t want to eat the soaked cabbage side dish anymore. The cabbage absorbed the sauce that I didn’t really like so each mouthful was not pleasant.
By this time, I already had the impression that Sika restaurant really had awesome ambiance and relaxing atmosphere but similar to other hotel restaurants – could be overrated/overpriced. I ordered a chocolate mousse dessert served inside a chocolate sphere. I was so excited about the dessert because it reminded me of a similar food video I often see in my Facebook feed so it was cool to see it in action!
As you have noticed, I didn’t have a photo of it. Well, it arrived in a nice smooth chocolate sphere but thought, I’d take a photo of a just melting sphere while the dessert sits inside. I also got a warm chocolate sauce to melt the sphere.
Sadly, I didn’t melt the choco sphere myself, sigh. It was done by the restaurant staff so I didn’t have my camera ready to capture the moment. I contemplated to take an after photo but it didn’t look pretty. The chocolate sphere melted alright but the chocolate sauce sat inside the sphere. The mousse that I ordered was like a blob in the middle and while it tasted nice – it wasn’t nice in the photos.
Overall, the Sika restaurant is alright. I mean, the staffs were attentive and interacted nicely with my son. But the food was mediocre (IMO). I wouldn’t mind dining there again if I would book a hotel stay at the Powerscourt Hotel sometime in the future but wouldn’t go to the restaurant if I didn’t have to.

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