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siam dundrum

Been a while since I had Thai food! So we decided to go visit Siam – a Thai restaurant in Dundrum shopping center

Dundrum shopping center is one of our go-to places when we want to have a “different day” on a weekend. Because it is quite far from where we live, we often stay there for the entire day. We usually go there early in the morning. And then, let our son play in a play cafe inside the shopping center, have lunch, and just roam around the mall while my son takes his nap.

On one of the days, we went to Dundrum, we had lunch at a Thai restaurant called Siam. We usually eat at Five Guys but for a change (and since it’s been a while we had Thai), we decided to try this Thai restaurant.
We got a bit confused how to go to the restaurant. I think we were not reading directions properly, LOL. But we found that the elevator signs were a bit confusing given that there was also a bar in the same building. But in any case, we made it after pressing all buttons and taking a peek before we stepped out!
Siam’s interior looked good. It looked cozy enough for dates and casual for families, too. In fact, there were lots of families with small kids already dining when we stepped inside.

siam dundrum
The menu is typical of what I’ve seen in Thai restaurants in Dublin so far. That made it was easy to choose the food I want to eat – crispy duck with crispy noodles in tamarind sauce!

siam dundrum
So-so duck

Even if I missed eating this dish, I didn’t love it. Well, the duck skin was crispy so it was good. But there were dried bits as well. I also found the tamarind sauce underwhelming. So, it was an OK dish for me.
For dessert, I had pavlova with fresh fruits. This was yummy! The meringue wasn’t too sweet and love the generous amount of fruits, too. I loved it better than the mains, to be honest.

siam dundrum
Enjoyed this A LOT MORE than the mains for sure!

Apart from my so-so mains and lovely dessert – I wasn’t too pleased with the service. The staffs who attended to us seemed lost. Right from the start, we didn’t feel “at ease” with the service. After we arrived and got our table, we have barely sat down when one staff approached us to get our order. Seriously, we haven’t even opened the menu! I mean, she could see us fumbling on the menu and trying to settle down our kid at the same time – but she still stood there. Anyway, we quickly ordered a drink and told her we need more time (as if it wasn’t obvious) to decide what to order.
After we have given our order, our (myself and my husband’s) food arrived. We were already eating for a few minutes and nobody is approaching us anymore for our son’s food. I had to follow up for the order, which was quite a challenge since they always have their back facing us.
Could’ve been the culprit why I felt the mains were underwhelming, but it’s hard to enjoy food when service isn’t good. I hope it’s a one-off and I am willing to come back to Siam again if we ever find ourselves in Dundrum shopping center.

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