Review: The Seafood Bar @ Kirwan’s

The Seafood Bar

Our last dinner at Galway at The Seafood Bar

This is the finale of the Galway-related posts (for now). And, I like to close this amazing long weekend we had at Galway with a restaurant review of a place called The Seafood Bar @ Kirwan’s. Tucked and hidden at the end of an alley, this restaurant was definitely a great way to cap off our weekend trip at Galway!
We didn’t plan to go to this place originally. We had our eyes set on a different restaurant (I forgot the name) but they were already booked for the evening. Luckily for us, the staff from this restaurant we originally planned to go  recommended The Seafood Bar to us.

We followed the direction to get there and a bit surprised to see it was “hidden” at the end of the alley. Initially, we weren’t sure if we were at the right place but great thing we saw the restaurant’s signpost.

The Seafood Bar
Good thing it was big enough to see from afar!

The restaurant was dimly lit. I was slightly intimidated to enter because my son was making all sorts of noise as we set our foot in. Judging from the outside, the place was meant for romantic or quiet evenings, so I wasn’t sure if a noisy toddler around is even welcomed.
There were a few people already inside. And, a couple of people at the bar having a nice drink, too. Despite that, the place was oh, so quiet – so my husband and I really tried our best to keep our son’s ramblings on the low volume. Luckily for us, none of the already dining patrons or staff made us feel much more intimidated (or embarrassed). And a few moments (and an iPad) later, my son finally settled down – whew!
Finally, we were ready to order! I appreciated the staff waited for us to REALLY settle in before approaching us again to ask if we wanted anything or ready to order.
We were not too hungry and very tired from the whole day of walking around. So we skipped the starters and went straight to mains. Not that there weren’t anything interesting on the menu. Just that we wanted to finish eating as quick as we can or we felt we don’t have the appetite to eat BIG anyway.
I was tempted to order the seafood pasta since we are in a seafood restaurant in Galway. But the specials menu was too inviting to miss! I gave in and ordered the pork belly with seared scallops. It seemed a quaint, small order but planned to have a heavy dessert to make up for it. Not to mention my son will more likely have lots of leftovers – so I will eat from that, too.
Our food arrived shortly and really pleased to see my order in front of me. Unfortunately, my phone camera is not enough to capture the amazing and beautiful food! So I hope my description is enough to make your mouth water. 😉

The Seafood Bar
Can’t wait to dig in!

The scallops were cooked to perfection – nice even glaze from the outside. The pork belly pieces were well-seasoned and crispy, too. The only critique would probably be wishing there were more pork belly pieces (or bigger chunks of it) served in front of me. But on the taste department, everything was great!
The portion of my main meal was definitely small to feel full especially if there’s no starter to accompany it. But as expected, I ate a good portion from my son’s pasta so it made up for the lack.

The seafood bar
Can I have more crackers?

Finally, dessert! It’s been a while since I had a cheeseboard so I had one for this evening. As always, I love the variety of cheese boards! Great cheese options and similar to other cheeseboards, I’d love to have more bread/crackers with it!
Overall, it was a great way to end our Galway trip. I’d love to go back to this place, especially if on a romantic evening with my husband!

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