Review: Salamanca


A lovely lunch at Salamanca restaurant on a “quite” sunny Sunday..

A few days after my last day at work, my husband kept teasing me about “celebrating” it. He wanted me to treat him for lunch – or maybe he is just trying to find a reason to dine out, LOL! I mean, how can I possibly treat him for lunch right now, right?! I am unemployed! 

After we agreed on the terms of the “lunch treat”, we decided to go to Salamanca – a Spanish tapas place in Dublin. It’s quite a while since our last meal there. In fact, our visit on that day was only my second time dining there!


We arrived just a few minutes before 1 PM and the restaurant is still almost empty. The timing’s just perfect, especially since my son can be a bit noisy sometimes. So, if there are less patrons around, the better! On top of that, we can choose the perfect spot for us to sit down, too.

Not all restaurants offer really good early bird menus but we are lucky Salamanca is one of them! The options are really good – they had a few items that are not “typical”. My husband and I already decided to get the paella (even before coming to the restaurant), so the only thing we have to choose now is the starter.

Before our meals arrived, our drinks arrived first. I ordered my typical glass of wine (the bubbly version this time, though). And, my husband never fails to let me laugh with his choice of girly drinks. Here he is trying to look “macho” with his “drink”, LOL!


I was still busy teasing him about his drink when our starters arrived. I forgot to take a photo of my husband’s order, though. But mine was the sardine pate.

I wish I had more bread..

The pate was rich and creamy, I like it. I would’ve loved to have more sardine on the pate – but maybe this is a “toned down” version since it’s from the specials menu? The pate itself was yummy but I would’ve loved if it came with more bread. Maybe if they could add in a couple more, this starter would’ve been perfect!

A few moments after we cleared our starters, our mains arrived. We knew it was coming because a staff requested for our “go signal” to cook the paella. That’s the tricky and best thing about the paella – it has to be freshly made!


It didn’t disappoint! Sorry for the blurry photo but this paella is soooo tasty! It may look “tiny” but believe me – it was super heavy. I had a bit of trouble finishing it up despite having a light appetizer to start. The dish is filled with mixed seafood pieces: clams, mussels, prawns and calamari rings. In fact, I decided to skip dessert because my stomach felt as if it was about to explode after my last mouthful.

I enjoyed my meal at Salamanca, for sure. The early bird menu was good value for money, for sure!


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