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pig's ear

We celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary by having dinner at Pig’s Ear restaurant..

A few years ago, I wondered whether dining out will be as it used to be. You know, no need to feel embarrassed when the baby starts to cry or to worry about pram space to get in. And when I think about those moments, it made me think whether I’d be able to go back to Pig’s Ear again.

That made me so happy when we made a reservation for our fifth wedding anniversary to have an early dinner at Pig’s Ear. I felt excited because it’s only the second time for me to eat here!
I made my reservation thru email and got a response after a day. In the email, I told them we were dining with a toddler. As well as asked whether they have kid’s meal. They don’t – but they are happy to make a small portion of shepherd’s pie for my son. Everything sorted!
The day of the reservation came. We arrived a couple of minutes early. If you haven’t been here yet, you may wonder why I thought I’d never go back here again. Well, the entrance to the restaurant is thru a narrow flight of stairs – so pram access is impossible. It could be an exaggeration to think in that way but I guess if you have been tired for a long time – you’d think like this, LOL!
It wasn’t long until they told us where to seat. The place was filled with diners so it was a bit challenging to go to our table. Given the fact my son was jumping up and down on his way to our table, I was so worried we’d knock off a table since our table is on the other end!
After we sat, a waitress handed the menu. The menu cover looked so girly, eh?

pig's ear
We barely started looking at the menu when we looked at the windows. We could only thank God for missing the heavy downpour! Plus, the fact we are already enjoying a crisp and cool glass of Pinot Grigio, too!

pig's ear
My husband and I ordered starters. I initially wanted to have the scallops but changed my mind when my husband told me he was ordering the same. Grr! So, I changed my order to smoked salmon.

pig's ear
Lovely, lovely piece of smoked salmon. It wasn’t as heavily smoked, so you can still taste the natural sweetness coming from the fish. I thought the pieces of pickled radish and cucumber made it refreshing. I was not a fan of the generous topping of fresh dill, though. But overall, loved the dish and great way to start the meal!

pig's ear
For mains, I had to get the lamb. My husband ordered the same thing but I just let it be. In the absence of steak on the menu, this was the only item that caught my eye from the menu!
I loved the pieces of lamb. They were cooked beautifully – slightly pink on the inside just the way I like it. How I wish there were more pieces of meat, though! I also loved the sauce. I thought it complemented well with the dish. It wasn’t as overwhelming as the one I had at Sika.
Both appetizers and mains were easy to finish. Apart from the portion being slightly small, everything tasted too good!
We finished our meals but Pig’s Ear doesn’t seem to slow down – it was still very busy. We can’t help but notice a couple of walk-in diners trying their luck to get a table but it was impossible that day. It was a good decision to book a reservation, after all.
Of course, we will not end the meal like that – a dessert is expected. I wasn’t too full so I can order something heavy-ish. I originally wanted to have a cheeseboard but my son is growing a bit impatient already (he skipped a nap that day!) so I ordered something I can eat quickly.

pig's ear
For dessert, I had the lemon and poppy seed cake. It was surprising to see it served this way – it’s like a kid’s meal. LOL! But anyway, lovely cake. Moist and just a hint of lemon with every bite.
Overall, it was a very nice and positive dining experience at Pig’s Ear. And yep, the rain stopped by the time we finished our meal, thank heavens for that!

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