Review: The Oar House

the oar house

When we find ourselves in Howth, we often go to The Oar House

Howth is a top-choice when the sun is shining brightly in Dublin. It is a great place to spend the day walking around the area. Apart from buying fresh seafood from the local fish monger, there are good quality restaurants around the area, too!

On June Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland, we went to Howth. There were other restaurants around the area but I’d say The Oar House is the top pick.

The Oar House was the first restaurant in Howth I’ve been to since I arrived in 2012. I remembered meeting our Italian friends over here for lunch during the summer season at the time they were still living in Dublin. The food was great and seafood fresh. I am happy with the price. Especially if I were to consider that seafood is often priced higher even on cheap restaurants around Dublin.

the oar house

To start, I ordered some crab with mayonnaise spread on toast. It was a very simple and light appetizer. I expected canapes but it was OK for me when it arrived like this.

the oar house

I was happy with the generous portion of crab-meat in the mayonnaise. It was fresh and not a single crab shell included in the spread, so I was happy about it. I would’ve loved it if it was served in a bite-sized portion for easier eating but that’s just me being picky!

I loved the appetizers and eager to get my mains. It started to get busy as well so it was a good decision to book early.

I often order the seafood paella or any seafood-based pasta dish whenever we dine here. But the specials board was just too tempting, I decided to give the mixed grilled seafood a shot.

After a few moments of waiting, this plate arrived in front of me.

the oar house

To be honest, my first impression was “Oh, this is disappointing”. And it’s not because of the portions or the quality of the seafood (it was absolutely fresh!) but more on the fact I was expecting it charcoal-grilled. It did say “grilled” on the menu! And, we were right in the middle of summer so, it’s not too much to ask (or expect) something cooked in charcoal, yes?

The disappointment definitely affected my appetite. Of course, everything was perfectly cooked. I also loved the variety of seafood in one plate. But seeing (and realizing) it was not charcoal-grilled was a downer for me.

Overall, it was an OK experience for me that day. Maybe if I didn’t order the mixed grill for my mains – I would’ve been happier!

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