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A late post, but let me share with you where we went for Mother’s Day..

Chinese food is one of my husband’s comfort food. But even if this is mostly my husband’s “thing” I also miss the occasional yang chow fried rice or Schezuan-based dishes quality Chinese restaurants around Dublin has to offer!
Similar to the years before, we celebrated Mother’s Day last May. We’ve grown accustomed to this because this is when we celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines. So, we decided to keep what we know!

My Mother’s Day celebration was nothing fancy. But good thing, the Irish heavens worked in my favor and gave me a glorious sunny day! Being a Sunday, I went for my usual run. It is always great to start the day working out to enjoy the rest of the day.

dublin sunny
After my quick run outdoors, we decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant in Dublin city center we’ve grown to love called ML Chinese.
It is conveniently located beside the Catholic Cathedral where I used to go to Mass. But it wasn’t until a friend of my husband’s recommended this place and taught him what to order!
ML Chinese restaurant has two menus – English and Chinese. And, I only recently discovered (thru his friend) that the menus actually have different food items in it! His friend explained that the English menu is “westernized” and the Chinese menu has more authentic dishes in it. I want more of the authentic stuff, please!
And because it’s been a while we had Chinese food, we went to ML Chinese restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. We often go here so, let me share with you what we ordered that day – you may want to try it out, too!

ml chinese
This one is called Cold Spicy chicken. It is like a “salad” because it is served cold – hence, the name. It was my husband’s friend who introduced this dish to us. You may initially find it weird (because it is cold) but the saltiness and spiciness of this dish really excite the palate!

ml chinese
This dish is called Deep Fried Aubergines in Soy Sauce. Love, love the light and crispy batter of the aubergines! We always try to finish the entire thing at the restaurant. I mean, the restaurant do takeaways but you will no longer enjoy the crispy batter if you do!

ml chinese
The last dish is Sweet and Sour Pork. It is a very typical order from Chinese restaurants. I think it is a pretty safe dish and I love ML’s recipe because it is not overly sweet!
Service was fast and efficient. The servers are not as fluent in English but they try their best to accommodate. I always find it funny whenever I see their facial reaction whenever we order the Cold Spicy Chicken, LOL! Maybe they’re thinking how come I knew of the dish when I am not reading from the Chinese menu? Hihi.
After our heavy meal, we decided to enjoy the sun more. We were supposed to go home but decided to drop by The Spencer Hotel to have a cocktail. So, I had a mojito. Hopefully, it’ll bring more sunny days ahead of us!

spencer hotel mojito
And I hope the rest of the Moms out there had fun on this day, too!

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