Review: Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill

marco pierre white

My husband celebrated his birthday and we ate at Marco Pierre White’s..

In our small family, my husband celebrates his birthday first. And for his birthday this year, we had his birthday lunch at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Dublin. To be honest, this wasn’t our first option. But because my husband’s birthday was a public holiday in Ireland – there were a few restaurants who were still closed that day.

We arrived on time so we were given the liberty to choose the seat. The ambiance was cozy. And (to me), it was a bit formal. So, we were so cautious not to let our son create a “scene” while we were there. (I had all my fingers and toes crossed that day!)
The staffs were polite. We were given the menu shortly after we got our seats, too. The menu was pretty straightforward plus, we already knew what we wanted for our mains. So, all there’s left to do is to choose the starters and my son’s food.
As always, I ordered a glass of white to accompany my meal. I know I was having steak for my mains but I still prefer white over red. LOL!

marco pierre white
Brioche + pate = LOVE!

My starters arrived immediately. I had Foie Gras with some toasted brioche to start. It’s been a while since I had Foie Gras. And, even if I am not entirely a fan of anything liver, I realized that I can tolerate the liver taste so long as it’s served as a pate with some fruit jelly to accompany it.
The pate was rich, smooth and delicate. I loved the toasted brioche! I thought it added a delicate sweetness with every mouthful. If there’s anything, I would’ve preferred to have a fruit jelly instead of the sultanas on top of the pate – but that’s just me being picky. I loved my appetizer but I found it was too much for a single portion (or maybe because I am not really a huge liver eater, if you know what I mean!).
For my mains, I had a steak cooked medium. It had a nice, buttery sauce to accompany the dish. We actually had a “miscommunication” with how they serve the steak. On the menu, we didn’t notice if there was anything mentioning about side dishes – so we ordered some salad to accompany the meal. So, we were so surprised to see our plate with a mini side salad and a serving of fries, too! Eek!

marco pierre white
It was a huge portion of steak!

The steak was cooked to my liking. Something I expected from an MPW-owned restaurant. The sauce was tasty and buttery as well. It added a great punch of flavor, additional seasoning, and moisture to a very lean piece of meat.
I was so full from the food but I wanted to end our meals on a sweet note. My husband decided to get his usual double espresso and we decided to have a creme brulee to share.

marco pierre white
Yummy way to end our meal

It was perfect! The torched sugar on the top was paper thin, cracked with a slight tap from my spoon. The vanilla creme had a very delicate sweetness so even if I had a lot of the sugar on top – it wasn’t sickeningly sweet.
My husband appreciated his birthday lunch for sure. And it was great our son was on his best behavior most of the time so we didn’t get stressed. I think Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Dublin is one of the nicest restaurants in the city for steaks and for a cozy meal. So, this is not the last time we will eat here for sure!

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