Review: Makati Avenue

makati avenue

On my little one’s birthday, we went to Makati Avenue for an early lunch!

This is one of my super late posts! Apart from lacking time to write, there are a lot more important posts I felt must be published first before this. But as they say, “it is better late than never!
I posted about my little one’s birthday celebration over here. My son turned three but we didn’t arrange any parties for him. We felt that apart from the expense – he won’t appreciate it that much yet! He is still developing his social skills and doesn’t really care about other kids his age. So planning a party may not be the most practical thing to do.

Anyway, even if we didn’t have any parties for him – we made sure he had fun that weekend! Apart from visiting a play cafe nearby, we also went out to eat at a Filipino restaurant we’ve wanted to visit for ages called Makati Avenue!
I am slowly letting my son eat “normal” food (aka with salt) and he quickly developed a liking for Filipino spaghetti. So for his birthday, I thought it was only apt to eat somewhere culturally relatable to him. And for my husband’s sake and mine, we thought it was a good excuse to enjoy a Filipino-food buffet!

Very early!
Very early!

Warning: Filipino spaghetti is nothing like the authentic Italian version. Our Italian friends tasted, complained, and criticized the dish but still, loves us. LOL!

We arrived early – just a little past 10 AM. I checked the restaurant’s opening hours and even sent a Facebook message to their social media page because I wanted to arrange the errands around the time. They replied promptly so we were able to plan our day ahead.
The restaurant was almost empty – it was too early for a buffet, I suppose. Despite that, the staff greeted us and immediately showed us the buffet table. I noticed they didn’t have the spaghetti on the buffet. So I asked if they have it and whether I can order it ala carte. She went to the kitchen to ask the chefs and came out quickly to say they can do it and the price. I quickly agreed and we were told we can start getting food from the buffet, too. I think it was the fastest and most convenient way to order food – especially if I can speak in our native language!

makati avenue

It was a freezing spring day. And it didn’t help the restaurant didn’t seem to have a heater inside to keep us warm, too. So for my first round – I needed to have soup! Apart from that, I took spring rolls, fried chicken, and noodles, too. Everything was crispy and fresh! I had to stop myself from getting too many fried chicken and spring rolls – I want to try the other dishes, too!

makati avenue
Round 1!!!

My son’s spaghetti quickly arrived as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture! It tasted as I remembered eating it from our school’s cafeteria (different recipe from our home cooked version, though) but had less meat than I hoped it would have. It was a generous portion of noodles and for €6 – it is hard to complain about these things.
The environment was still relaxed but freezing – it was really cold inside! I was hesitant to ask to turn the heaters (or to ask whether they have any?) since the staff was really friendly towards my son. Maybe if we come back again and it is still the same freezing state – I would?
After I finished my first plate, I did not have the appetite to try the other dishes. Not that it looked unappealing but the fried chicken and spring rolls (and beef broth soup!) seemed to keep calling my name – HAHA! So, basically, I filled up my tummy with all these greasy, fried goodness, yum!
When I felt that I can’t take another bite, we asked for our dessert. The dessert is included in the buffet price (I think it was around €10) and that day, it was an option between buko pandan or halo-halo. Buko pandan is a sweet dessert of a combination of pandan-flavored gelatin and coconut (buko) strips (or milk) – hence, the name. Halo-halo is a Filipino word roughly translating to “mix-mix”. It is a combination of sweetened things (ie corn, plantain, sago, beans etc) topped with shaved ice and evaporated milk!
I don’t eat coconut so, I only have halo-halo as an option, LOL! I initially didn’t want to order halo-halo because it was freezing inside but have been craving for this dish for a long time, I gave in!

makati avenue
Freezing but this was sooo yummy!

The halo-halo was yummy and it was good value, too! I didn’t expect much, especially after seeing the spaghetti but I think the dessert was a winner. I also appreciated they had leche flan (Filipino version of creme brulee) on top as a garnish – it makes the dessert special!
Overall, it was a nice experience (sans the freezing temperature) at Makati Ave. We hope to come back again and see whether they have other food options for the buffet, too!

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