Review: Lemon Jelly at Millennium Walkway

lemon jelly

An unexpected brunch/morning snack at Lemon Jelly..

Lemon Jelly is a very busy cafe/brunch/crepe place at Millennium Walkway – a short distance away from Jervis Luas station. Even if I frequently pass by this place, this post marks the first time I have eaten here.
I remembered when I just relocated, I used to point to this place and tell my husband “Maybe we should try to eat here sometime. It is ALWAYS busy – must be good.” But he would tell me that he ate here before and it was just “alright”. So, I never thought I’d get the chance to try it myself and see what he meant by – alright.

It was one weekday before Christmas of 2016. In fact, I think it was the 23rd of December when we ate here. We had other options in mind but they are not open until a bit later. We can’t afford to wait on those cafes to open since our son’s babysitter needs to leave by 12:30 and we didn’t want to be late to go back home. So, let’s just say that dining here was not the first thing we intended that day. It is more of it was the only option we had.

lemon jelly
The menu

As usual, it was busy. But we were lucky a table became vacant a couple of minutes after we entered the door. A staff showed us in and handed the menu. They actually have A LOT of things on the menu and I got a bit confused what to order, LOL! Although in the end, I decided to order a chai tea latte and a savory crepe.

lemon jelly
Loved the lights here!

The interior was really nice. And, I liked that they are baby/child-friendly, too. There were a couple of diners with a baby and the staffs were really friendly – all smiles and cheerful.

lemon jelly
Chai tea latte

It didn’t take long and I got my drink. Nothing out of the ordinary – the usual chai tea latte I get from any cafes. After a few more minutes, I got my crepe. Now, here is where I finally understood what my husband meant by “alright”.
I got this. Well, it is a savory crepe (I think I got the Jervis Way). But it looked a bit lonely placed in the middle of the plate without a small bowl for garnish or sauce or whatever for presentation.

lemon jelly
The Jervis Way seemed a bit lonely..

The taste? It wasn’t bad. Just “alright“. I guess it would’ve been a good place if I am not a frequent diner at another crepe place called Lemon (that I haven’t written about, yet). I though the crepe lacked a bit more dressing – it was a bit dry for my liking.
Overall, the food was underwhelming for me. But the attentiveness and friendliness of the staffs (and even the manager, no less) were extremely superb. For that alone, I wouldn’t mind coming back especially if looking for last minute dining option with our little man.

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