Review: Il Fornaio IFSC (Dublin, Ireland)

il fornaio ifsc

Personal dining experience at Il Fornaio IFSC branch

I can feel the cold winds of autumn are just around the corner – literally. Each day, the nights are getting longer and colder. Yellow leaves are starting to fall down into heaps around the pavement, too. For my son, that’s a great “toy” to play with but for us, we knew that the weather will now turn for the worse.
Whenever we find ourselves with an unexpectedly sunny day, one of our default places to go to is Il Fornaio at the IFSC. It is an Italian cafe with reasonable prices and yummy food items to choose from. Apart from that, our Italian friend loves to dine there. She mentioned once that the staffs were like her pseudo-family while she’s in Dublin. And I can say that they were really the nicest bunch of people, too.
One weekend, my husband and I decided to go to Il Fornaio. It was literally a 5-minute walk (10 or 15 minutes if walking with a toddler) from our place. Luckily, we went there in the off-peak hours and more likely, at a time when most people are in the city center, too.
One of their lady staff greeted us immediately and offered a place to sit. We often see her when dining there. As usual, she was smiling to us and chatted a bit with my son. I really appreciate staffs taking the extra effort to mingle with my son, so I was happy with that.
We had lunch at home so we only ordered some drink and a meat platter to share. Our Italian friend gave us a tip that we can “request” to change the cheese for the Buffalo Mozzarella (or any specialty cheese they might have). We even mentioned her name hoping it rings a bell as we found it difficult to explain what we wanted, LOL!

il fornaio ifsc
Our antipasti platter and bruschetta ordered from that weekend. Photo via Facebook.

It paid off. We got a cheese freshly delivered on that day. The portion was huge and it was a good call to share for this dish.
It is very common for us to order meat platters (antipasti) from other restaurants but I can say that Il Fornaio does a great job at this. The price was reasonable and everything tasted fresh! There was a great ratio between the meat, salad, and cheese portions, too.
Lovely weather and great food equal superb combination for a great weekend for sure!

Note: Since this dining experience, I was so sad to learn from our Italian friend that the lady who used to work there went back to Italy. 🙁 I’ll definitely miss having her around and Il Fornaio won’t be the same without her!

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