Review: Five Guys at Dundrum Shopping Center

Five Guys

Finally, Five Guys reached Dublin!

Five Guys is one of the popular burger joints I keep seeing on my Facebook newsfeed. Well, I have a lot of friends in the US and most of them are foodies like me, too.
I consider burger as my ultimate comfort food – well, maybe at the same footing as pasta and pizza. Who wouldn’t want a piece of tasty burger patty topped with cheese and crunchy bacon, right?
So imagine my excitement when I read Five Guys is FINALLY opening a branch in Dublin?! I was so ecstatic we dropped by their only branch (for now) located at Dundrum shopping center on the first weekend after the news.

Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve been to Five Guys. When we went to Belfast for a long weekend getaway, we had lunch at Five Guys and that only validated that I really liked this burger joint. Sure, we have amazing burger joints already here in Dublin (Eddie Rockets, Jo Burger, GBK…) but the thing that ultimately sealed the deal for me are: add-ins are FREE and the bacon are the crispy American bacon I LOVE!!!

Five Guys
Yep, that’s what they do!

The add-ins are not gourmet at all like Jo Burger or GBK. But having the freedom to choose as many add-ins as you want without paying extra is a cool way to attract customers in my opinion.
So on that weekend, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. Well, it is not the ultimate comfort food if there’s not much grease, right? So I say, put everything in!

Five Guys
Men at work

After ordering, you have to wait while they prepare your order in the kitchen. It took a couple of minutes to get the goodies (depends on how busy it was) but you can grab some free peanuts on the side while watching the crew working their way in the open plan kitchen. You can see how they prepare your food. They do it with so much precision – it is like clockwork!
Finally, I heard my number! I almost forgot to take this photo – I was so hungry from the wait!

Five Guys
Large fries, soft drink, and my burger waiting for me to dig in

Ah, the first bite was superb! Juicy burger patty and the bacon was so crispy, too. I was also happy that it wasn’t just a couple of bacon strips – there were about 4-5 strips so I was a happy camper.

Five Guys
I can almost taste it..

The burgers are the main highlight of this place (you can see from the “testimonials” posted on their walls) but let’s not forget about the fries! I’d say, they do one of the best fries I’ve tasted so far from a burger joint. And the portions are enormous, too!
So, what can I say? Great fast food burger, good value for money, and a happy stomach. Not bad to spend the weekend, eh?

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