Review: Fallon and Byrne (People’s Park)

fallon and byrne

Enjoyed the lovely view while having lunch at Fallon and Byrne (People’s Park)..

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Dun Laoghaire for a quick family day out on a long weekend. Back then, we hoped that it was our last long weekend in Ireland. But it wasn’t. Nevertheless, it was great for us to experience the lovely seaside views in Dun Laoghaire during the last few summer days of 2017 – for sure!

We started quite early in Dun Laoghaire. It was great that the weather was fantastic, too! My son had loads of fun and we appreciated the nice, leisure walk en route to People’s Park. Of course, the activities made us all hungry! We initially thought of checking the surrounding areas for other options. But since it was a weekend and hunger pangs attacked us just close to 12 PM – it was quite uncommon to find good restaurants already serving lunch (lunch is often served from 12:30 PM). Well, good thing that there is a Fallon and Byrne branch just within a few steps from the children’s play area inside the People’s Park!

fallon and byrne

The wind was chilly but the sun was really warm. So, we thought “Why not enjoy the views of this lovely restaurant while having a great meal?” – sounds like a great idea, right? And, that’s what we did!

We dined at Fallon and Byrne’s branch in Dublin city center a few years ago and loved the food. So even if it was from a different branch, I expected nothing less from this branch from People’s Park!

I was a bit hungry so we decided to get a three-course meal. And, since it was a bit chilly and sometimes, cloudy, I got a bowl of mushroom soup to start my meal!

fallon and byrne

Wow, it was the perfect way to start my meal! Lovely creamy texture and every warm spoonful was enough to give me comfort every so often the wind blows in my direction. Eating the mushroom soup on its own was great but as we know – the brown soda bread+butter+dunk in the soup combination is also a winner! I don’t know whether there is an “actual” added flavour when I do so but I guess the practice itself makes eating it a lot more..FUN!

My starter was superb. So, I have high hopes for my mains. I ordered steak cooked medium, just like I always do. Steak is often considered as a very simple dish, if done right. But, as we all know – it is VERY EASY to commit mistakes when cooking steak!

fallon and byrne

Luckily for me, mine ended up perfectly. There was a nice piece of fat around my steak, which gave it an added punch of flavour! My side salad was well-dressed and seasoned, too. I was eating my food halfway thru when I realized I had another side dish – chips! HAHA!

To say I was full is an understatement – my stomach felt as if it’s about to explode! HAHA! My husband and I were chatting whether we will order some desserts to share when suddenly – IT RAINED! LOL!

fallon and byrne

Well, we are in Ireland, after all. So, a few showers here and there is inevitable. Good thing, the restaurant was ready with these nifty giant umbrellas to shield us from the raindrops!

The showers went on and off. And, the wind started blowing continuously, too. My husband needed his caffeine fix to perk him up so I went ahead with the crumble.

fallon and byrne

Yummy dessert! I liked the tartness coming from the berries. And, the crumble on top has a nice delicate sweetness to balance the flavours. We didn’t order a separate dessert for my son. So, he took care of the vanilla ice cream. :p

Our lunch’s views might’ve been ruined by the sudden showers but I definitely enjoyed the food! We may not have the time to come back to Dun Laoghaire anymore before we leave, though. But I was glad we were able to visit – even for just a day 🙂




Review: Fallon and Byrne (People's Park)
We had a chance to go to Dun Laoghaire on one of the last remaining bank holiday weekends in Ireland. That day, we went to Fallon and Byrne's branch inside People's Park for lunch!
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