Review: Eyre Square Hotel Restaurant

Eyre Square Hotel

Personal dining experience at the Eyre Square Hotel Restaurant..

We recently had a trip to Galway to show a friend around. And because it is only about a 3-hour train ride from Dublin’s Heuston Station, we took the early-ish train to go to Galway. We thought it is the best way to make the most of the city since we were only there for the long weekend – so we wanted to arrive with enough time to walk around before it gets dark. Apart from that, we also took my son’s naptime in consideration so it all made sense to travel in the morning!
Luckily for us, there was a 10:05 AM train to go to Galway. We booked our tickets online and arrived very early inside the station to have breakfast before the trip. The train ride was OK apart from some noisy group of guys onboard the same train car as us. We didn’t go hungry in the middle of the trip since we had a BIG breakfast before the journey started. But boy! We were so hungry when we finally arrived in Galway!
The great thing about Galway’s train station is that it is super close to A LOT of restaurants and pubs. As soon as we stepped outside, we immediately saw a couple of places to eat. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular at that moment – I just wanted to sit and have my meal. But we didn’t take the first restaurant we saw either. We had a look at a couple of “potential” places to have lunch and settled in at the Eyre Square Hotel restaurant instead.
Inside the restaurant was a bit dim than usual. It seems like a really old hotel lobby and we were lucky it wasn’t filled with customers when we stepped in. There was a small cafe in front and the bar/dining area located at the back. So from the outside, you will see the cafe area first.
As soon as we stepped in, a staff greeted us and asked whether we wanted to go to the restaurant or the cafe. We told her we want to have a meal and requested a high chair for our son. She quickly motioned us to choose any table we want. The high chair and menu followed shortly.

Eyre Square Hotel
Eyre Square Hotel – The menu

The menu is a typical “pub menu“, I must say. The usual selection was available and I was so close to ordering fish and chips for my lunch, LOL! I had a change of heart at the last minute since I was thinking I have plenty of chances to get fish and chips during the weekend – so I ordered the Piri Piri Chicken Caesar Salad instead. And of course, I ordered a pint of Orchard Thieves cider for my drink. My husband and friend got Fish and Chips. And for my son, I ordered some penne pasta with tomato sauce.

Eyre Square Hotel
My “balanced diet” – salad and drink!

Our orders arrived shortly. It was great we didn’t have to wait too long since we were really starving from the trip! My friend and my husband were happy with their food. They said the fish tasted fresh and crispy. I also tried my son’s pasta and was happy it wasn’t too salty – perfect as I avoid letting him eat overly salty foods.
My salad was really yummy and filling. The leaves were fresh and crispy – I didn’t notice any rotten pieces. I was happy there was a good portion of the Piri Piri Chicken, too. It’s not as tasty as Nando’s but good on its own. Even if it was “just a salad” I was so full I left a few pieces of leaves and ate the chicken instead.

Eyre Square Hotel
The bar, before it got super busy!

Everything was great and we were about to finish our meal so we asked for our receipt. The restaurant started to get busy and there were lots of people already queued at the bar – keeping the ONLY staff super busy! It took a while before we got the receipt and it took A LOT MORE to pay for our bill (I was even standing at the bar already!). It was not a good way to end a “pleasant” dining experience, to be honest. But I can feel for the staff as she looked so stressed while pouring one pint after the other as well as accepting payment for the drink. When she FINALLY managed to put a pause to her bartender stint, she was VERY apologetic. I must’ve been in a really good mood since I didn’t feel bad at all about the incident – even left a tip!

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