Review: Ely Wine Bar (CHQ)

ely wine bar

A great catch up session with a friend at Ely Wine Bar!

These days, I rarely go out for dinner. Apart from minding my son most evenings, most of the people I know are also busy on weekday nights. And I think it is also usual for families with little kids to have a preference to do socials on weekends at lunch time, too.
I blogged about a friend who came a couple of months ago to visit – and it eventually led to one of the few instances I was able to go out for dinner. Weeks before she arrived (even with the Visa issues around), she told me she wanted to go out for dinner just like the old days when I was still living in Singapore. I thought it was a great chance to go out without the little one for a change!
For this, I booked a dinner reservation at Ely Wine Bar. They have two venues close to where we live but I decided to book at the CHQ branch so I didn’t have to cross the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

16/11/ely-1-768x1024.jpg" alt="ely wine bar" width="640" height="853" srcset=" 768w, 225w, 960w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" /> My friend fiddling with her stuff!

To get started, we ordered a bottle of red wine. They have two bottles on promotion that evening so we decided to buy one of those. My friend was even a bit worried why we needed to buy a bottle (we might not finish it). But at the end of the lovely night catching up, we drank the entire thing!

ely wine bar
Our bottle of red

It took us a while to decide what to order – there was a lot of interesting items on the menu! In the end, we skipped the starters and went straight for the mains. My friend wanted to have some steak so we decided on the Cote de Boeuf with chips and coleslaw on the side. We initially ordered for a vegetable gratin (wanted to have some veg). But the guy taking our orders warned us there is so much food, LOL! He even joked he would be interested to see us finish everything and maybe, take a bet.
We listened to the warning and ordered a third side dish instead (buttered vegetables). It was a  good decision as our mains arrived like this:

ely wine bar

We laughed so hard after seeing all the food in front of us! The guy smiled as he placed the food on our table. He was probably thinking to himself “told you”, HAHA!
As soon as he left, we dug right in! The beef was juicy and really tasty. There were some areas (not that much) with the tendons in it so those ended up slightly chewy. It was OK since it was just around the sides and the fatty area so it was easy to get rid off. Overall, the beef was tender. The peppercorn sauce added a punch of flavor (not that the beef needed it) but also, a great way to add moisture to the beef while eating.

ely wine bar
All I can say is..yum!

Our selection of side dishes were milder in flavor but great accompaniment to the salty beef (and sauce). I think we ended up with a great and balanced meal that night!
The evening was great. We were so happy catching up while eating great-tasting food. It was a busy evening but still a great place for a relaxing dinner. My friend really liked the interiors. Too bad the lights were too dim for my camera. It was hard to take a photo that will truly reflect how nice the place was!
Finally, we finished our HUGE mains. We felt so full from the food and wine but we needed something sweet to cap off the fantastic dining experience. I ordered something light (rhubard cheesecake) and it was the perfect choice for me.

ely wine bar
Look at my pretty dessert!

The cake wasn’t too sweet and the light touch of acidity added a great dimension of flavor, too. I really enjoyed my dessert. It was light, tasty, and cleansed my palate after the big and heavy (steak) meal!

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