Review: East Restaurant (Dublin, Ireland)

Crispy Chicken Salad The East

A great Thai/fusion dinner at the East Restaurant in IFSC!

While we are still in the nicer and warmer days of summer, we try to make the most of it. Especially when the temperatures reach more than 20 degrees Celsius, it is kind of depressing to stay indoors while the rest of Dublin is outdoors having as much sun as they want!

Living in the IFSC area in Dublin has its perks. We don’t need to go to the city center and find a good place to eat. In fact, there are a lot of restaurants around the area offering reasonably priced meals and are child-friendly, too. The selection of cuisines are impressive as well. Whether we are craving for burgers, Japanese, Thai, or Italian – we have something just around the area!
One afternoon, my husband made the usual offer to eat out after arriving from work. I obliged, easily. Despite planning to cook something else for dinner, I guess it easily rubbed in me the habit that if the sun is shining brightly, it is time to go outdoors – for everything.
The only problem about going out when the sun is out is that you can expect EVERYBODY to do the same thing. We tried going to a Korean restaurant nearby only to find out it was full – and it was the same with the Japanese restaurant we went to next. We were almost planning to give up when we tried going to East Restaurant – a Thai restaurant at the ground floor of The Spencer Hotel. Luckily, there were a few tables available. The only downside was the fact it started to get colder so it was no longer an option to eat outside (boo!).
Now, you might think that because it is a hotel, the food is expensive. It isn’t. I think that the food is reasonably priced and comparative to the prices of other good-quality Thai restaurants we’ve been to. After approaching the reception, we were immediately seated and a high chair provided for our son.  We were given the menu immediately, too. I also appreciated that the staff gave us enough time to settle in before coming over to get our orders.
When I eat at a Thai restaurant, I typically order a curry dish or Pad Thai. But because it was too warm that day, I decided to order a salad. We skipped the starters and just went straight to having our mains (and a cold drink, of course).
The food took longer to arrive than expected, which is something unusual for me. For whatever reason, our mains took about 10 minutes longer before hitting our table! We were about to follow up when lo and behold, our food arrived!

East Restaurant Dublin
Crispy Chicken Salad @East. Including my ice-cold pint of Orchard Thieves

It was the first time for me ordering a salad from here and I was really pleased with it (minus the waiting time). The chicken pieces were seasoned well with crispy batter. The salad leaves were fresh and crunchy, too. I also thought that the honey mustard dressing was really nice and not overwhelming. It was a nice meal! Even if I rarely eat salad as a meal, I felt full after I finished my plate.
Since I ordered a salad, I was keen to have a heavy dessert. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a cheese platter so I decided to order it.

East Restaurant Dublin
From left to right: Blue Cheese, Baked Camembert, grapes, and Brie

My dessert arrived quickly, something I sort of expected since it was just a cheese platter anyway. The cheese portions were HUGE and I really liked the selection they gave me. The only downside is the small portion of crackers to eat with it.
It was a lovely dinner experience. The manager (I think he was) even approached us to ask how everything was. He also “tried to” chat with my son, but unluckily for him, my son wasn’t in the mood for any chit chats, LOL!

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    1. Yeah it was 🙂 The salad was fresh and the ambiance was great, too. Too bad they had a slower service than usual that evening, though.

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