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Badly craving for some noodles topped with roasted duck, alright

Back in the days when I was living in Singapore, eating HongKong-style noodles topped with roasted duck was one of my comfort foods. I love the simplicity of the food not to mention it is super cheap over there, too!
However, after relocating here, I didn’t find any that does it the way I got used to. Of course, we had the very common chow mien when dining in Chinese restaurants in the city but sometimes, simplicity is the key to finding good food.

That changed a couple of years ago on one of my visits to the Asian grocery store in Dublin city center. While I was paying for the groceries, I noticed an ad for a soon-to-be-opened HongKong-style noodle bar just around Fade St. called Duck – super close to the Asian grocery store! Just imagine the excitement I felt after reading it. Despite that, it took me quite a long time before I got the chance to pay the noodle bar a visit.
A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I decided to drop by Duck. The shop was tiny and the stools reminded me a lot of the hawker-style eateries I frequently visit when I was living in Singapore. Even if I wanted to visit this noodle bar long ago, it was difficult to go there with my son because it was not pram-friendly at all. There were a couple of small steps to get in – so you have to lift the pram to get inside. My son was sleeping at the time we dropped by and because the shop was small, it was a bit noisy. So we decided to order for takeaway in a “desperate move” to try it out.
While waiting for our food, I got the chance to appreciate the interior a bit. The ceiling was decorated with these Chinese lanterns!

It didn’t take long until we got our food. We decided to share and just order for one, which was a good decision because the portion was HUGE! And for the benefit of approximating it, let’s just say that the serving portion will definitely feed a very hungry teenager.
After we came out of the shop, we found an empty park bench and sat. We ordered a “combo meal” consisting of a drink, two vegetable spring rolls and mains of our choice for €13. So here is a photo of the vegetable spring roll.

Crispy and freshly made!

The spring roll was very filling. I also like that it was not a “cheat” spring roll. You can see that there is very little wrapper from the photo, too.
We didn’t eat the mains outside and waited to get home before tucking in. After we arrived, we split the portion. And of course, I ordered the noodle with roasted duck! Isn’t it neat that they use carton instead of plastic for their takeaway pack?

When I lifted the lid, I saw this – WOW!

That’s A LOT of food right there!

You can see the container filled to the brim! And I think that’s about a quarter roasted duck placed on top of the noodles, too. But apart from the humongous portion, it was a very tasty dish. No weird aftertaste and it wasn’t overly salty or greasy! Two thumbs up for sure!
Overall, I was really pleased to find Duck. The food offers good value for money. Might not be the best place when dining with babies or small children, though.

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