Review: Catch-22


A great seafood catch at Catch-22!

Catch-22 is a new-ish seafood joint in Dublin city center. We would’ve probably been in this place a lot more often if only they had more space or if more chairs are “child-friendly“. They do have high-chair/booster seats if you are dining with a small child but I think it is a bit flimsy especially if you were given a high table and chair.

The menu

This is our second time dining here so we have an idea what to keep in mind when ordering. Apart from fresh fish and chips (or other seafood options), we knew they are giving a portion of deep fried lightly breaded whitebait while waiting – for free!

Light, crispy, and free!

I really love this freebie appetizer. The breading is light and the fish well-seasoned. I also love the sauce that comes with it. On our first visit, we made a mistake of ordering starters and got so surprised when the server handed this to us. So now that we knew they are giving free starters, we skipped the appetizers and only ordered mains.
Another thing we learned from our first visit is the fact they have HUGE portions. I would’ve probably ordered from the kid’s menu if it’s not awkward to see an adult eating it, LOL! Anyway, during this visit, I ordered the scampi and chips. And then, I had this:


The scampi had a very crispy batter but a bit too thick for me. I would’ve preferred if I had more pieces of scampi than what was in front of me. I mean, I am not expecting it to be more than the chips but maybe not in this ratio?
Anyway, I still liked my food but maybe I will skip the “~ and chips” part of the menu the next time we are here. The scampi pieces were fresh but I can share with my son’s plate if I was craving for chips next time.

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