Review: Carluccio’s at Dawson Street


A recent trip to Carluccio’s after my son’s rugby class..

Anthony Carluccio is one of the famous celebrity chefs over here. But before relocating here, I don’t know him at all. I only got to know about his existence when my husband (then boyfriend) bought his cookbook in Melbourne so he can cook me a dish from one of his recipes.

I will not say about the aftermath of my husband’s cooking frenzy, though. But let’s just say that after relocating here, Carluccio’s became one of the “trusty” restaurants we go if we want to eat yummy Italian food.

Before Christmas, we had lunch at Carluccio’s at Dawson’s Street. We went there straight after my son’s rugby class because my son requested for pasta that day.
It wasn’t busy when we arrived – I think it’s because we always arrive a bit early than the usual lunch hour rush. We immediately got seated and handed the menu to have a look. Apart from the menu, one of the staffs handed this “gadget” to my husband to play with. She said we can use it to entertain ourselves while waiting for our food but just make sure to return it to them.

The mister goofing around

I think it was a cool way to pass the time. But after figuring out how it works, we simply returned it before my son breaks it apart! It didn’t take long before we got our meals, too. Our food arrived promptly. To start, I ordered Ravioli Fritti because it is something new from their menu.


It was super light and slightly crispy – the perfect way to start a heavy (pasta) meal! I love the freshness coming from the tomato dipping sauce and even if the ravioli parcels were super flavorsome on its own, a slight dab of the tomato sauce adds a nice depth of flavor to the dish.
I finished the starter really quickly. And it was great service is really quick and efficient at Carluccio’s. It took just a couple of minutes and my mains arrived!

Rich and tasty pasta!

For my mains, I had the duck pappardelle. I rarely cook duck meat at home so I usually order duck (if available) when dining out. And the food didn’t disappoint at all! The pasta was al dente and the sauce thick and creamy. One of the things I love about Carluccio’s pasta dishes is that they don’t go crazy on the lemon (if they use it). There were generous portions of shredded duck meat so it is always a huge plus to find restaurants like that.

I think a cuppa is a lot fitting after this meal

I initially wanted to have some dessert but changed my find after the super filling pasta dish. So instead of something sweet, I decided to save my tummy and ordered a pot of tea instead.

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  1. I have eaten in Carluccio s a lot over the last 6 years or so. I usually quite enjoy it. Its supposed to be an Italian restaurant but I have never enjoyed their pasta dishes anytime I have been here.

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