Review: Pre-Christmas weekend at Brasserie 66

brasserie 66

On the weekend before Christmas, we had lunch at Brasserie 66

Our small family celebrated Christmas this year a bit “reserved“. After meeting with friends for one day, we were pretty much on our own. Despite that, we didn’t spend the festive holidays stuck at home. In fact, the week prior Christmas, we went to a restaurant called Brasserie 66!

This was not the first time we’ve been to this restaurant. Our first experience dining here was remarkable so when I received the Christmas newsletter, we decided to book a table for our pre-Christmas lunch!
I made the reservation online and got the confirmation quickly. I also emailed the restaurant to make sure my request for the Christmas lunch promo went through properly. Within the same day, I received the response so it made me excited for the meal.
The day of our reservation finally arrived. The place was busy and packed with people but a staff greeted us cheerfully after we came in – no hint of stress which was good. Service was prompt. We were seated almost immediately and given the menu shortly.

brasserie 66
So refreshing!

To start, I ordered a glass of Mimosa. It was a pretty warm day – something unusual here in Dublin. So I thought it is only fitting to drink something refreshing.
I didn’t bother to check the details about the Christmas lunch promo (something that caused us a bit of trouble during payment) and went on to order our food. Our little boss started to act up so I wanted to get on with our food and start eating ASAP.
For my starters, I ordered hummus, olive tapenade, and pita bread. I planned to have something heavy-ish for the appetizers to have light mains. In my mind, I was expecting a couple of pita bread to go with my dips. But I got this plate instead.

brasserie 66
My starter of dips and one pita bread

The food was superb – no doubt about it. But how I wish there were more bread to eat with the generous serving of hummus. As an alternative, I decided to scoop the hummus with the quinoa salad on the side to make up for its rich and creamy texture. I also found the pita bread a bit undercooked – but that’s just me being picky.
So, remember my plan to have light mains? Well, I kept with the plan so I ordered crab cakes. But then, the portion was really HUGE, I still struggled to finish it! Despite that, it was really tasty and crispy. There was generous crab meat in it and I thought the addition of smoked salmon on top was nice, too!

brasserie 66
Crab cakes..nom nom nom!

To end the meal, I ordered berry pannacotta. At this point, there were more diners inside the restaurant. The server was rushed to place my food in front of me, she broke my biscotti. She was apologetic so there was no need for me to complain. I didn’t ask but she grabbed my dessert again and replaced with a new one.

brasserie 66
Light and perfect to end a rich tasting meal!

The berry pannacotta was light and fresh. There was still the slight tartness coming from the berries that I love so that the dessert will not drown with too much sweetness.
I was still working on my dessert when I asked for our bill (to save time). When I reviewed the bill, that was the time I also told the server that I was planning to use the Christmas voucher. She then told me that I can’t redeem the “gifts” because we didn’t order from the Christmas lunch menu. I told her that we were given only one set of a menu when we arrived and told her I indicated on our reservation we were there for the Christmas lunch – so I assumed the menu given to us was it!
The manager approached us and quickly resolved the issue. He gave the voucher included as part of the promotion and offered to give us our prosecco. It was tempting but my son started to show tiredness since he was due to take a nap. We would barely have time to enjoy the drink so I settled with the voucher and declined the drink.
Well, I guess it was a lesson learned for me: make sure to let them know after arrival especially when vouchers are used!

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