Review: Beef and Lobster

beef and lobster

Beef and Lobster in Dublin was one of the few restaurants open on January we tried it out!

After the holiday festivities, Dublin city center seems like a ghost town. Some shops and restaurants are not open for business until the second week of January. So, if you are walking around the city center around this time of the year, expect some hot spots to remain closed for business!

We usually make the most of the Christmas break season and go around this time of the year. We love the leisure walk around Grafton street minus the feeling of somebody else stepping on your feet as you go through the crowd! That’s why even if we knew there might be some unopened shops around – we still went out on the first week of January!
It was great going around Dublin city center but somehow, we wondered where to eat! We wanted to go to an Italian restaurant in the city center initially but it was closed. Luckily, we saw this new-ish restaurant close by – and they were open! Whew!
I saw a Facebook ad for Beef and Lobster a couple of days before we went out. So when I saw the sign, I pointed to my husband and told him about the ad. We read the menu from outside and were a bit surprised to see they have a very, VERY limited menu. So, we took a peek inside to see whether it was real.

beef and lobster
A girl welcomed us and allowed us to choose where to sit. It wasn’t busy, we were the first customers to arrive. And to my surprise, she gave me this and told me this was the menu:

beef and lobster
Now, I really appreciate restaurants with a very simple menu but this sets my standards very high. Because to me, that means they have a very simple menu BUT they have very little room for mistakes.
Anyway, we didn’t order anything to start and went straight to mains. Of course, I had a nice glass of white wine to accompany my meal. Cheers!
Shortly after, our food arrived. I ordered a beef burger for my son. They didn’t have a proper kid’s menu and when I asked, this was the only option they gave.

beef and lobster
It was yummy and the portion huge for the price (all these for less than €10 I think). However, I am still unsure whether it is safe to feed a toddler (3 years old) medium cooked burger patty. So, just make sure to mention it to the staff when you order! They have the tendency to cook it still slightly pink in the middle.

beef and lobster
I am in lobster heaven!

I ordered a lobster roll and I LOVE IT! Loved the buttery brioche used for my sandwich and the lobster filling itself. And don’t get me started on the slightly tangy lemon butter sauce. Ugh. Can I have a big bowl of it so I can drink it, bottoms up?! The side dish of coleslaw with pomegranate seeds was a refreshing accompaniment, too. The pomegranate seeds definitely gave it a kick of freshness instead of having everything with the mayo taste.
Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience at Beef and Lobster. We will definitely come back and hopefully, still get the same positive dining experience!

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