Review: A Slice of Cake Cafe

A slice of cake cafe

A perfect brunch place just a little bit outside of Dublin city center..

My husband took some time off from work a day before his driving test. He thought that taking that extra day to “keep the test away from his mind” may help him to pass the test. We definitely had an enjoyable (and rare) brunch date that day. But unfortunately, it did not help him pass it, sigh.
For that day, we decided to go somewhere a little bit outside of Dublin city center. We did not take our son with us and left him with the minder since we only planned to step out in the morning and come back after brunch. So we ended up having our brunch at A Slice of Cake Cafe.

I’ve read about this place countless times from online food spots in Dublin – so I’ve been craving to go here! But because it is one of those places where pram space is not sufficient – I ignored my food cravings for a while.
My husband and I arrived a little bit past 9 AM on a weekday morning. I was surprised to see it relaxed – there weren’t many people around. Upon entering, we were greeted by a cheerful staff and motioned to choose our seats.
Once we were inside, I’ve been eyeing the cakes on display. After all, it is a cake shop so I want to make the most of our visit by having a slice!

A slice of cake cafe
The menu was simple. I initially wanted to order something different but luckily noticed it was from their weekend menu. It didn’t take long that I changed it to baked eggs and sardines on toast instead.

A slice of cake cafe
While waiting for our food, I also ordered some fresh lemon and thyme tea. I know it is a very simple drink that I can easily make at home but the cold weather made me crave for some cuppa.

A slice of cake cafe
Loved the combination!

My tea arrived – freshly made and fragrant with the aroma. I picked up a nice tea idea with this one as I haven’t tried lemon and thyme tea before!

A slice of cake cafe

Shortly after, my food arrived. The eggs were well-seasoned but slightly overdone (to my liking). Not sure if this is the way they do the eggs. But I prefer mine still a bit soft and gooey at the center.
The food was simple but comforting. I love this approach of having a simple brunch food to start your day really good especially at a time where brunch places are popping up everywhere!
After my hearty meal, I darted my eyes at the cake stand, LOL! I was surprisingly full from the food but wanted to make the most of our visit. We decided to share a slice and ordered Guinness Chocolate Cake.

A slice of cake cafe
This chocolate cake mic-dropped all the other chocolate cakes..seriously.

OMG. As in OH MY GAAAAD! I am not a fan of chocolate cake because I can’t finish a slice but this one – WOW. It was moist. Rich. Decadent. It melted in my mouth, seriously! It actually reminded me of the Royce chocolates from Nama that I love. And this one, definitely made it to the top of my favorite cakes list!
I loved my dining experience at A Slice of Cake Cafe. I look forward to coming back and maybe, we’ll try to bring our little one along!

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